PPTminimizer for Servers - storage alternative to pricy hardware

balesio drastically reduces your data storage, transfer and backup costs...

Reutlingen, (PresseBox) - balesio now provides you with a brand new approach in drastically reducing your operational IT expenses relating to data storage, data transfer and data backup. While other storage solutions focus on buying new and expensive hardware, PPTminimizer Enterprise for Servers compresses data intelligently and makes blocked data space available to you.

Many Global Fortune 500, academic and governmental organizations trust market leader in office compression solution and use PPTminimizer to drastically reduce their data storage-, data transfer- and data backup costs.

PPTminimizer compresses presentations and documents by up to 98% without changing the original file format. Therefore, a special program to decompress or "unzip" files is not needed anymore.

Storage costs:
Costs for material, physical server space, maintenance, support, electricity for power and cooling make hardware solutions considerably more expensive than a software storage solution. PPTminimizer reduces your data volume while maintaining the amount of files on your server.

Transfer costs:
It goes without saying that smaller files account for less transfer costs. Many small- and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have heavy transfer costs ranging from 5.000 to 25.000 USD/month, especially when running on virtual private networks (VPN) or when sending a lot of data to mobile devices.

Backup costs:
PPTminimizer reducing your data volume while maintaining the amount of files on your server drastically shortens backup times and saves costs. The time window IT administrators have to perform a daily data backup is often too small to perform a full backup of all relevant data. Our clients save as much as 5 hours! Extending storage space with new hardware increases data volume, and actually has a negative impact on backup costs and times.

PPTminimizer Enterprise for Servers is compatible with Vista, the latest MS Office version. This program can be fully integrated into Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Windows Explorer and it comes in 6 languages.

PPTminimizer is available for USD 1.999 per server (regardless of CPUs). Multi-user prices are available on our site, educational and government agency discounts available on request.

For further information, please visit: http://www.PPTminimizer.com

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