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Mobile phone guards access to industrial equipment

Mobile World Congress 2011: baimos technologies presents BlueID Rail Module - the simple and secure identification solution

(PresseBox) (Barcelona, Spain / Garching near Munich, ) In industrial environments we authenticate ourselves many times a day. That can happen in several ways and with different kinds of proof of identity. An ID card grants us permission to enter company premises, a key or PIN permits us to operate machines and to pass security doors.

These kinds of proof of identity rely on technologies which have existed for many decades: keys, photos, printed paper, chip cards or the knowledge of a secret, personal identification number (PIN).

All technologies have in common that they require production and physical distribution of items. After a defined period of time, the permission becomes obsolete, has to be taken back and a new item must be issued.

BlueID Rail Module and the BlueID technology unite all kinds of permissions in one place: the mobile phone. That simplifies the management of access permissions considerably. BlueID is compatible with almost any modern smartphone, as well as with many feature phones.

BlueID Rail Module matches many kinds of use cases. A company can send access permissions digitally to the mobile phones of employees. In turn, their mobile phones enable them to open security gates and doors or grant them access to machines. Optionally, functions can be triggered with NFC by approximation of the mobile phone to an RFID tag.

BlueID Rail Module is mounted onto an M36 DIN rail (EN 50022) in switching cabinets or machines. By connecting BlueID Rail Module to the Internet, triggering of commands is also possible via mobile Internet connection (GSM/UMTS). In this case the range of the module is worldwide.

Transmission of access permissions is RSA/AES encrypted at all times. Access clearance for machines, automatic units, safety ports and doors is executed for example by switching a potential-free relay.

Management of access permissions is carried out quickly and easily through the BlueID Ticket Manager web interface. The advantage is evident: Access permissions - so-called BlueID Tickets - are created digitally in a high-security data center and transmitted to the mobile phone via a GSM/UMTS connection. Issuance of a BlueID Ticket costs between 0.29 euro for a day ticket and 9.99 euro for a five-year ticket, depending on duration of validity.

Digitalization means that access permissions can be issued, distributed and revoked electronically and wirelessly at any time, saving on production costs for physical carrier media and handling costs for delivering and taking back access permissions. Furthermore, permissions in form of BlueID Tickets are always stored in the high-security data center and can be retrieved when necessary.

Additionally to granting access via up to four relays per each BlueID Rail Module, on request the module can be connected to other devices through a multitude of interfaces. Ethernet (RJ45), USB, RS232 and RS485 are supported.

BlueID Rail Module is developed and manufactured in cooperation with Marquardt. The Marquardt Group is a worldwide leader in the production of electromechanical and electronic switches and switching boards for vehicles, power tools, household appliances and industrial fields of application.

About BlueID

BlueID is the innovative access rights management system of baimos technologies. BlueID Access allows users to operate doors, traffic booms, automated facility service installations, server racks and other devices wirelessly over mobile phones. BlueID Login enables log-in and log-off via mobile phone on computers and servers. Various wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC or GSM/UMTS are being used for communication.

Permissions are granted to users in the form of tickets, which can be customized in duration of validity and functionality. Therefore, BlueID is the timely access rights management system for modern office buildings, hotels, data centers and everywhere, where access rights are being flexibly assigned.

BlueID Rail Module is available as of now through authorized resellers. Prospective customers may contact the technical sales department of baimos technologies on +49 / 89 / 54 84 - 23 40.

Are you interested in a personal demonstration of BlueID Rail Module on Mobile World Congress (Barcelona / Spain, February 14-17, 2011) or on CeBIT (Hannover / Germany, March 01-05, 2011)? To schedule an appointment, call us on +49 / 89 / 54 84 - 23 48.

Further information about secure digital access permission management with BlueID can be found on

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baimos technologies holds unique know-how in the simple and secure implementation of smart solutions for mobile applications.

With its focus on development of state-of-the-art solutions in the field of mobile security applications, baimos technologies provides scalable and highly available systems for access management. The company's innovative technology platform allows handling of security appliances with flexibly assignable access rights on standard mobile phones.

baimos technologies offers a range of products and services including the proprietary access management system BlueID, as well as integration of mobile services into products of partner companies. Solutions of baimos technologies claim to be simple, secure and smart.

baimos technologies has its origins in security software development for the automotive industry. Over the last years the portfolio has been expanded to facility management and information technology. The company, with its head office in Garching bei München/Germany, received multiple awards and is partnering with companies such as Marquardt, eQ-3/ELV, Microsoft and noris network. Amongst others, Daimler, Sixt and LMU München belong to its customer base.