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Attensity introduces Attensity Respond Version 5.0, Release Creates A Blended Queue that Includes Social, Email, SMS, Letters, and More

(PresseBox) (Kaiserslautern, Germany, ) Attensity, a leading provider of software solutions for customer experience management, announced today the release of Attensity Respond Version 5.0. Attensity Respond is a multi-channel customer response management application that automatically classifies, routes, and queues customer messages and provides an easy-to-use application for contact center agents to manage customer interactions based on company business processes. With this new release, Attensity provides a multi-channel environment that meets the needs of the changing landscape of customer conversations. By blending social media into the contact center queue with other customer conversation channels, companies can respond to customers, no matter where they engage.

Attensity Respond is a self-learning response management application that delivers multi-channel communications management. It is designed to enable contact center agents to efficiently provide responses to customer inquiries, no matter the channel they make the inquiry through. With Attensity’s semantic technologies as the backbone, Attensity Respond is able to accurately read every message and then automatically classify and route those messages to the right agent. Messages are routed along with suggested responses, providing the agent with the best answer so they are able to respond quickly with the right content. With Attensity Respond, large numbers of incoming messages can be processed more efficiently and, whenever possible, the application provides automatic responses tailored to the specific situation.

“The buzz on social media has not escaped the Contact Center” said Esteban Kolsky of thinkJar, “they are desperate to integrate social media and optimize their processes to better serve the social customer, and are looking for technology to help them get there.” He later added “Just about every budget for Contact Center in 2011 contains at least one line item for Social Media integration.”

New and improved features of Version 5.0:

• Social media support
Attensity Respond 5.0 now supports response management through the social network Twitter; communications using Twitter are integrated into its cross-channel queue. Customer tweets can be analyzed and categorized, and possible responses can be suggested and sent to the customer. Customers (and their social media alias names) are integrated into the customer management system. A ticket is created for each case, including its relevant history. This enables companies and organizations to track all customer interactions.

• Improved SMS support
Version 5.0 of Attensity Respond offers improved processing of SMS messages through using an SMS gateway that makes SMS processing faster

• Accessibility
With the new version, the Attensity Respond application can be adapted to the needs of every user, regardless of disabilities or limitations. New accessibility features include:
o A choice of four specifically adapted color schemes
o Adjustable scaling of the displayed font size
o Complete operability using the keyboard

“With the release of Attensity Respond 5.0, social media have truly become part of the contact center environment. Using this software, service staff can process inquiries and comments communicated through any channel at any time,” says Catherine van Zuylen, Attensity Group Vice President of Product Management.

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Attensity Europe GmbH offers its customers an integrated application suite for customer experience management. Its software solutions are based on more than 20 years of project experience, in-depth knowledge of the industry and semantic technologies that allow companies to carry out relevant interactions with their customers effectively, quickly and positively through all channels. The product range includes multi-channel management and knowledge management software solutions for all service-oriented activities. It includes Attensity360 for monitoring and analyzing social media in 16 languages and from over 75 million sources. Attensity has more than 500 installations and 220,000 users around the world. Attensity Europe GmbH is part of Attensity Group, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.