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ATMedia releases encryption system for high speed storage area networks

The ATMedia FC Link Encryptor safeguards WAN based Fibre Channel storage area networks

(PresseBox) (Saarbruecken, ) In high-availability storage networking scenarios, where Fibre Channel storage and backup systems are linked between distant sites, the actual data are usually not protected against eavesdropping and manipulation. An attacker will be able to access and manipulate most critical data unnoticed and could gain control over the core IT infrastructure of the company or government agency.

The ATMedia FC Link Encryptor prevents theses incidents effectively by a transparent encryption of the storage data transmitted via the WAN or MAN. The integration of the encryption devices is most simple by installing the devices between the local storage network (SAN) and the WAN (Inter Switch Link or Trunc) and does not require any change of network infrastructure. The transparent operation preserves the compatibility of the Fibre Channel equipment deployed. The encryptors work with 1 gbps and 2 gbps Fibre Channel Links. AES with 256 bit key length is used for SAN data encryption at full link speed. The additional packet delay is in the range of a few microseconds only.

Based on the recently introduced ATMedia 10G Encryptor hardware platform, ATMedia plans to introduce a 10 gbps Fibre Channel Encryptor model shortly.

ATMedia is the only company worldwide with a complete product range for high speed encryption from 155 mbps to 10 gbps. All ATMedia encryptors are completely designed and built by ATMedia in Germany.

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