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Abrasive slurry, disposal problems?

Transform your waste to a valuable resource with ATM Briquetting presses

(PresseBox) (Fohnsdorf, ) In production plants abrasive slurry accumulates as a side product of manufacturing processes. Due to the liquids used in these processes disposal of the slurry is very cost-intensive. The processed materials could even contain valuable refractory metals like Chromium or Tungsten. Briquetting presses are the ideal machines for squeezing cooling fluids and lubricants out of the abrasive slurry. Depending on the material the briquetting process could increase the density by factors between 2 and 10. Another benefit of the briquetting process is that the squeezed out liquids can be used in the production process immediately afterwards. Transport of briquettes is easier, sales are more profitable and recycling in the melting process is possible. Ideal briquetting process parameters for your abrasive slurry are determined during tests in the ATM Lab. Afterwards ATM engineers choose the right machine for your application with output capacities between 0,5 t/h and 12 t/h.

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