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Atego Vantage Webinar Series: Design the way you build

(PresseBox) (Wolfsburg, ) Atego Vantage changes the way you think about system and software design, providing Model-based Product Line Engineering as the primary driver for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Development teams are under intense pressure to get their projects completed on time-without sacrificing features or quality. Atego Vantage's integrated approach simplifies product line design, increases intra-family reuse, and improves both product quality and engineering productivity.

Join us for this webinar series to learn how Atego Vantage can reduce your total development costs by 62% and deliver 23% more of your projects on time.

Session 1. June 3 - Atego Perspective; Model-based Product Line Engineering best practices

This session provides a framework for this seminar series by introducing the Atego Perspective process. Model-Based Systems & Software Engineering (ISO 15288 based MBSE) forms the core of the Atego Perspective process.

Session 2. June 4 - Model-based Systems & Software Engineering

We look at the central aspects of SysML modeling - known as the four pillars; Requirements, Structure, Behaviour & Parametrics and the various diagrams used to represent them, as provided by Atego Modeler 8.0.

Session 3. June 5 - Asset-based Modular Design - designing the same way you build

How is it possible to design these systems in the same way we build them? This webinar will show you how Atego Vantage for Asset-based Modular Design will allow users to store and reuse design Assets.

Session 4. June 6 - Model-based Product Line Engineering for an increasing complex world of systems of systems

How Atego's MB-PLE approach can model Architectures, Requirements, Systems, Design, Test, and Software to generate a selection on a theme to get a consistent, coherent final product ready for production.


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