Improved Quality and Economic Efficiency in Aluminum Casting

New Permanent Mold Coating SOLITEC® AD 901

Hilden, (PresseBox) - Chill-mold casting of aluminum alloys is of major technological and economic importance. This fact particularly applies to suppliers of cast aluminum parts for the automotive industry. The new moderately insulating permanent mold coating SOLITEC® AD 901, from Ashland-Südchemie-Kernfest GmbH, provides a water-based coating that delivers major economic advantages for this important foundry process. The SOLITEC AD 901 far outperforms the mold life of standard mold coatings. These results are based on a series of scientific tests in the production of cylinder heads at the Honsel AG foundry.

The primary functions of permanent mold coatings are to ensure complete mold filling, control the solidification of the cast part and protect the mold surface against the casting metal. The coating should support the constant running of the process and thus lead to greater productivity. SOLITEC® AD 901 performs these functions comprehensively.

Another key advantage of this coating is the higher life-span of the ingot molds. SOLITEC® AD 901 increases this by well over 50% compared with other standard coatings. Preparation intervals and mold maintenance are reduced and the durability of the ingot mold is increased. As a result of its comparatively high graphite content, SOLITEC® AD 901 also leads to a significant decrease in mold stripping forces and therefore the strain on the mold surfaces. Even production interruptions of up to four hours do not show any negative effects on cast part or coating quality. The economic impact is longer useful mold life combined with falling maintenance costs.

Despite their low production cost share, coatings have a significant influence on the entire casting process. Firstly, they influence cast part quality to a considerable extent. Secondly, they make a key contribution to production both environmentally and economically. By using the SOLITEC® AD 901 permanent mold coating, foundries generate huge economic advantages through improved productivity, fewer rejects, longer life-spans, lower consumption of abrasives and consequently greater durability of the ingot molds and their dimensional accuracy.

To meet the requirements of suppliers of cast aluminum parts, the Ashland-Südchemie-Kernfest GmbH research and technology center (technical school and service center) is developing new products and applications. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience and by engaging in a dialog with the customer, new products and applications are thus created which are as innovative as they are efficient.

A detailed article contains information on the results of this series of tests. To request this, please e-mail
You can find further information about the complete program of permanent mold coatings on offer at

ASK Chemicals GmbH

Ashland-Südchemie-Kernfest GmbH (ASK Chemicals), Hilden/Germany, specializes in the production of resin binders, hardeners and coatings for foundries. Within a "network of competence", the company produces and sells on a worldwide basis innovative product systems for all manufacturing processes in a foundry - from coremaking, coating, moulding and mould assembly through to iron casting metallurgy.

Within the network of the Süd-Chemie Group of companies specialized in foundry products, experts from different disciplines develop, in close collaboration with the customers, optimal solutions for intelligent and advanced production processes.

Besides ASK Chemicals, Süd-Chemie AG comprises the companies:
- AS LÜNGEN Foundry Chemicals, Bendorf/Germany, manufacturers of risers, filters and release agents
- WD-Giesserei-Technik, Fuldabrück/Germany, specialists in core making technology
- SKW Giesserei, Unterneukirchen/Germany, suppliers of metallurgical products used in iron casting
- Süd-Chemie, Moosburg/Germany, suppliers of bentonite and lustrous carbon additives
- Ajay Metachem Süd-Chemie, Pune/India, manufacturers of resin binders, coatings, additives and release agents as well as Croning sands and risers

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