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ASK Chemicals offers high-performance resins for the Brazilian paint and coatings formulators

ASK Chemicals visits ABRAFATI 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil

(PresseBox) (Sao Paulo, Brazil, ) ASK Chemicals, a renowned specialist in binding technology for the casting industry, also offers premium resins and binders for the paints & coatings industry. A seemingly new face in the crowd, ASK Chemicals is, in fact, a longstanding and reputable paint supplier. Thus, familiar brands such as NECOWEL™ and AROBRAS™ will be offered and featured at the ASK Chemicals’ booth at the corner of aisle G and aisle 1.

The outstanding features of alkyd resins and alkyd resin emulsions from ASK Chemicals are always their clear advantages for environmental protection and occupational health and safety, as well as their performance and quality. After all, NECOWEL™ products are always adapted and tailor-made to specific customer requirements. At this year’s ABRAFATI, visitors can look forward to high-performing solutions for wood protection and impregnation and architectural coatings in particular

Product highlights
ASK Chemicals, with Research & Development facilities worldwide, stands at the forefront of technological advancements. With growing global sentiment towards sustainable solutions, that are both good for the environment and workplace, ASK Chemicals meets the demand with several progressive offerings for the paints and coatings formulators.

One highlight at the booth at this years’ ABRAFATI will certainly be ASK Chemicals resins for formulating open pore wood varnishes based on our NECOWEL™ FLE series.
These are copolymers based on renewable raw materials. These products are ideal for creating open pore varnishes for indoor and outdoor use, teak oil, etc. Thanks to the very good wetting properties and the low-viscosity resin phase, the wood fiber shows a good “Anfeuerung” / natural wood color enhancement. The appearance matches that of the solvent-based systems. Wood protection systems and open pore varnishes systems based on NECOWEL™ FLE products feature an outstanding penetration behavior, good stability and weather resistance.

Properties such as gloss, hardness, elasticity and weather resistance have top priority in house paints and top coats. Water-based paints already meet these requirements. However, usage of solvent-based paints is preferred with regard to flow properties. Compared to solvent-based systems with good brushability, conventional aqueous house paints have pseudoplastic viscosity behavior, i.e. after the shear stress caused by painting, the viscosity increases considerably and the paintbrush strokes only spread insufficiently. ASK Chemicals has succeeded in improving the flow behavior of aqueous house paints considerably through rheological modification of the alkyd emulsion. The Newtonian viscosity behavior of NECOWEL™ 5100 is comparable to those of a good solvent-based system.

Last but not least, AROBRAS™ advanced alkyd solvent based resins for architectural application will also be available for enamels, varnishes and primers.

Please come and visit the ASK Chemicals booth at ABRAFATI 2013 and experience the latest cutting edge coatings technology.

ASK Chemicals GmbH

With its Resins and Special Products business unit, ASK Chemicals offers a series of innovative products for different applications, particularly in the field of alkyd resin emulsions for water-borne coatings, phenolic resins for composites and coatings, PU systems and carbon fibers. In addition to standard products, tailor-made products are also manufactured and customer-specific solutions developed.

The company regards itself as a driving force behind the creation of innovations specific to the industry and sets itself the challenge of constantly developing products for the benefit of its customers. Flexibility, speed, quality and sustainability are crucial for achieving this, as is ensuring that the products and applications are cost-effective.

Thanks to its comprehensive range of consultation services, ASK Chemicals is a strong partner. Selected teams of experts consisting of sales, application and development specialists work together with customers to develop individual solutions for their requirements and process parameters. The results of this practice can be seen in new, marketable products and applications.

Globally, ASK Chemicals has 30 locations in 25 countries, in 20 of which it has its own production plant, and has a global workforce of around 1,800 people.