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ASK Chemicals Develops New High-Performance “ISOSEAL™ 2011” Sand Additive

Efficient sand additive with dual effect

(PresseBox) (Hilden, ) Additives are already used in the foundry process to avoid cost-intensive casting defects during core and mold manufacture. However, procedures used to date have numerous disadvantages. The new additive ISOSEAL™ 2011 has been developed specifically for these requirements in the research laboratory of the global player, ASK Chemicals. Efficiently combining the effects of an additive and coating, it offers both high casting quality and impressive surface results. In this way, ISOSEAL™ 2011 provides foundries with key technical and economic competitive advantages.

Developing efficient aids for use in core and mold manufacture – a challenge confronted by the research team at ASK Chemicals. The result is a new generation of sand additives with the name ISOSEAL™ 2011. With the development of the new LDASC (low-density alumina silicate ceramic)-based sand additive, the globally operational supplier of foundry chemicals has achieved another breakthrough.

To do so, the company’s specialists looked to a completely new system. ISOSEAL™ contains low-density alumina silicate ceramics. This means that the new additive offers very special thermal properties. The expansion of the silica is compensated for and, at the same time, forms a barrier against metal penetration. With higher proportions, feeding is improved and shrinkage suppressed, preventing the occurrence of veining and providing a good surface result.

In addition to the qualitative aspects, there are economic reasons for using the new additive because it works without additional coatings being required. These effects have been examined and proven at length in extensive studies and tests in the application and technology center of ASK Chemicals. “With efficient new developments such as these, we are helping our customers safeguard their production in the long term, both ecologically and economically,” commented Dr. Reinhard Stötzel, Global Product Manager Coatings & Additives, explaining this research success.

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