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Recording, Analyzing And Reducing Emissions

arvato Systems develops 'green services'

(PresseBox) (Gütersloh, ) The responsible use of energy, water, raw materials and space is a key challenge in the fight against climate change – and it also offers great opportunities for companies. One good example is arvato Systems’ carbon-footprint software. It is designed to help other companies make their processes more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

One of the first steps towards becoming a sustainable company is to record CO2 emissions across the value chain. This is becoming more and more important, particularly in the transport and logistics industries. arvato Systems’ comprehensive carbon-footprint software allows companies to accurately record all the emissions from their business operations - for transportation (truck, ship, train, airplane) and the various sites, as well as for other specific processes in the supply chain. The analysis can be carried out at various levels, from "corporate carbon footprint" to "product carbon footprint." This helps to systematically identify “emission drivers” so that optimization measures can be taken.

"When calculating the corporate carbon footprint, direct emissions, for example from production plants and the vehicle fleet, as well as indirect emissions, such as electricity and gas consumption, business travel and employee commutes, are taken into account," says Bernd Jaschinski-Schürmann, Manager Supply Chain Consulting at arvato Systems. "The emissions are calculated in detail for each ‘consumer’ and can then be summarized by line of business, site, process or product."

Analysis meets international standards

The analysis and calculations are based on the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol” and DIN EN 16258. "They take into account all relevant and standardized emission factors in accordance with the United Nations Kyoto Protocol," adds Jaschinski-Schürmann. Depending on the available data, the overall indicators can be mapped, as can individual datasets, which can be broken down to the level of each building, warehouse and even machine. A connection to the energy management system for ongoing monitoring of the indicators complements the portfolio. "Especially for transport management there are analytical tools that among other things can compare different modes of transport with each other, map the chronological sequence of emissions, and make possible predictions, benchmarks and simulations," Jaschinski-Schürmann explains. By comparing the target and actual levels of CO2 emissions and monitoring individual indicators, the arvato Systems carbon-footprint tool creates complete transparency for companies, along with extensive monitoring and steering possibilities.

Basis for optimization

"The main areas for that can be adjusted in the field of transport logistics are still the truck drivers and the vehicle fleet," adds Jaschinski-Schürmann. "That’s why the monitoring system developed by arvato Systems evaluates the fuel consumption of individual drivers." They are initially given training to heighten their awareness for fuel-efficient driving methods. The findings gained in this way - especially from comparing fuel consumption before and after the training – serve to optimize the driver training long-term. In a second procedure, an intelligent analysis of each truck’s fuel consumption is used to determine the optimal composition of the fleet. "The integrated carbon-footprint and monitoring system can be used to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and achieve financial savings up to the double-digit percentage range – an efficiency measure with a doubly positive effect," says Jaschinski-Schürmann. arvato Systems has also developed a rewards model for drivers that uses a new method of calculation to enable maximum fairness on the one hand and higher bonus payments on the other. This is done through a company-wide and comprehensive technical approach that not only allows drivers to compare themselves with their own colleagues, but also with drivers from other companies. In addition, the fleet manager receives additional information about the efficiency of their fleets as compared with other companies.

arvato Systems is also the right partner when it comes to introducing fuel-saving models for company car fleets. "These models require intelligent data management systems that can help determine the fuel consumption for the driver - and possibly to reward those with the most economical driving style," says Jaschinski-Schürmann. "We have developed the appropriate calculation methods and data management solutions for this as well, and offer all the necessary steps right through to the introduction of fuel-saving models."

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