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Happy Dreamer

(PresseBox) (Assamstadt, ) Sleeping aid for children

Research with children has shown that small babies that feel alone when they want to sleep are uneasy and often cry for attention. Familiar sounds from Mummy’s womb can help. The Happy Dreamer simulates the sounds from the mother’s womb including the heart beat. Alternatively you can choose a comforting lullaby song. The operation is very easy: With only one switch you can choose “womb” or “song” The volume is variable, too. After 3 minutes the Happy Dreamer will automatically switch off by itself. If there is any noise after this (for example weeping) the sequence will start once more. This stylish device in silver and orange colour with a strap is complete in a set with 3 Alkaline batteries Micro AAA. ANSMANN provides 3 years warranty. Available from end of June 2007.

Distance warning tool for children

"I turned away for only a few seconds and suddenly my child was out of sight!“ This could happen anywhere; in the park, at the playground, in an airport or in the shopping centre. The Kids Eye from ANSMANN ENERGY will be able to help: It will alarm you if your child moves away more than 15m from your side. The handy sized, two coloured device is activated by disconnecting the two halves in the middle. The orange coloured part is for the child (clothes, belt etc.).

If your child wanders more than 15m the alarm will sound. Alternatively your child will be able to activate the alarm by themselves with the emergency button. The parent or carer will then be able to react and check the situation. The Kids eye is supplied in a set complete with batteries
(2 x button-cells CR 2450). ANSMANN provides 3 years warranty. Available from end of July 2007.

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