The most comfortable way to lose your piles.

At the new Vienna International Medical Clinic, you can say goodbye to your haemorrhoids with safe, minimally-invasive surgical treatment. Virtually no risk and no pain, in luxuriously-furnished surroundings.

The clinic's luxury accommodation
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As a rule of thumb, almost one in every two adults will suffer at some stage of their life from piles. While these natural cushions of tissue and veins play an important role in maintaining continence, problems arise when they become larger and start to protrude around the anus. Not only can this cause considerable discomfort, but sufferers may also be affected common symptoms such as bleeding, itching and pain, Particularly in more severe cases, conservative therapy with medication or lotions may not have the desired effect and surgery remains as the only option.

Today, modern methods such as HAL and RAR allow prolapsing haemorrhoids to be treated in a gentle, but effective way, with no scalpel and no cutting. In the first step - Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation - the arteries supplying blood to the enlarged haemorrhoidal cushions are ligated, so the bloodflow ceases and the haemorrhoids shrink back to their normal size. In more severe cases, stitches are used to lift protruding haemorrhoids back inside the rectum and secure them in position. As there is no excision of tissue, there are no painful wounds requiring considerable healing time and patients can return to their normal lifestyle just one or two days after surgery. In addition, the risk of complications occurring is extremely low, particularly when compared to traditional, more invasive methods. But according to Dr. Thomas Winkler from the Vienna International Medical Clinic’s Centre for Minimally-Invasive Surgery and Reflux (GERD), these are not the only reasons that patient satisfaction with the HAL-RAR methods is so high. Although very low on risk and pain, HAL-RAR is considered to be just as effective as other forms of surgical treatment, with virtually no difference in the recurrence rate. However should a patient suffer from a relapse at any stage, the haemorrhoids can be treated again with HAL-RAR - or any other procedure - with no difficulty. Because patients have not been subjected to high pain levels, most of them have no objections to undergoing the treatment a second time if necessary; a willingness which is very rare following other traditional methods.

Haemorrhoidal disease is just one of a wide range of ailments which can be treated in the comfort of the Vienna International Medical Clinic. From the removal of gallbladder or appendix, to hernia repair or treatment of varicose veins or gastrointestinal disorders, the Centre for Minimally-Invasive Surgery and Reflux applies the latest techniques to minimise trauma and maximise both clinical and cosmetic results. Keyhole surgery and the new SILS technique ensure tiny, in many cases invisible scars, while fast-track surgery allows a significant reduction in the amount of post-operative pain medication, as well as a shorter hospital stay and earlier mobilisation. All the endoscopic examinations are also carried out in the gentlest manner possible, with the patient under light anaesthesia and completely pain-free.

Throughout the clinic and regardless of which form of specialist care - whether sports medicine, plastic and reconstructive surgery, general surgery or orthopaedics - state-of-the-art equipment combined with a highly-qualified team of staff ensures absolute safety, with medical treatment practised according to modern, international standards. Even the most discerning clientele from Austria or abroad will appreciate the high level of specialist, personalized care, provided in the luxurious surroundings of boutique hotel-style accommodation.

The Centre for Minimally-Invasive Surgery and Reflux offers treatment for the following ailments:
- Gallstones
- Appendix
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, colon and rectum
- Hernias
- Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
- Tumours of the breast, stomach and intestine
- Haemorrhoids (HAL-RAR, stapled and conventional haemorrhoidectomy)
- Fissures and fistulas
- Arterial occlusion and varicose veins

For a detailed consultation and personalised treatment plan, please contact Dr. Thomas Winkler at the Vienna International Medical Clinic.
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