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State-of-the-art haemorrhoid treatment unveiled in Belgrade.

At the 8th annual meeting of the European Society of Coloproctology held last month in Belgrade, medical device manufacturer A.M.I. presented the latest innovation in the surgical treatment of haemorrhoids.

(PresseBox) (Feldkirch, ) Less than two decades after the technique was first described by the Japanese surgeon Morinaga (1995), A.M.I. is now launching the third generation of HAL-RAR equipment designed to treat all grades of haemorrhoidal disease. Studies with combined patient numbers of several thousand have shown very good results for the HAL-RAR methods and an extremely high rate of patient satisfaction, which can be attributed to the minimal pain and very few side effects caused by the surgery. Results from a recent multi-centre study with a total of 184 patients suffering from either grade III or grade IV haemorrhoids, treated by surgeons from centres in seven different countries, showed 89% of patients to be completely free of symptoms at 12 months, while 88% were satisfied with the result*.

First there was HAL, then came RAR. Now there is TRILOGY.
Developed for carrying out Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (HAL) with the aid of a Doppler- ultrasound sensor, the original device was introduced to the European market by A.M.I. in the year 2000. The HAL method was subsequently enhanced by the addition of RAR (Recto Anal Repair), which involves a mucopexy of the prolapsing tissue commonly found in the higher grades of haemorrhoidal disease. As market leader worldwide in Doppler-guided treatment of haemorrhoids, A.M.I. now introduces TRILOGY, which combines all the proven benefits of the HAL-RAR methods with the advantages of wireless technology.

Comfort and convenience for patient and surgeon.
For patients, HAL-RAR offers a safe and gentle alternative to conventional treatment methods that provides effective relief from all the symptoms of haemorrhoids, even in the more advanced stages. Artery ligation and mucopexy of prolapsing mucosa can be carried out as day case surgery depending on the individual patient and the prevailing healthcare system. For surgeons, TRILOGY gives them the benefit of Doppler-ultrasound technology with no strings attached. Literally. The small, easy-to-handle unit is connected by Bluetooth to a speaker that can be conveniently placed away from the surgical site, so the operator can hear the system’s signals for artery detection while enjoying absolute freedom to manoeuvre the unit and attached probe as required. In addition, the absence of a cable – which acts as an antenna for surrounding electromagnetic radiation – means the equipment is less sensitive to interference and the arteries can be heard more clearly than ever before. Dr. Alexis Freitas, a senior specialist for coloproctology at the ‘Krankenhaus Göttlicher Heiland’ in Vienna, has treated hundreds of patients with HAL-RAR over the last few years. As he explains, “it’s essential that everything runs smoothly in the OR. The new Trilogy helps our work there, especially the improved visibility and the precision of the Doppler ultrasound probe. The advances made with Trilogy simplify the surgeon’s job, as well as the work of the whole OR-team. That’s important, because it allows us to focus solely on the patient.”

Modern technology for today’s world.
Not only does TRILOGY benefit patient and surgeon. The latest generation of HAL-RAR equipment is also a definite step forward from a hospital administration perspective. As A.M.I.’s Sales and Marketing Director, Marc Jablonowski, explains, TRILOGY is an innovation geared towards the needs of many of today’s healthcare systems. “The capital investment for our customers is considerably lower and the technical advancements are of particular assistance to the workflow in the operating room, allowing faster surgical treatment of patients while maintaining the same high standard of safety and efficacy.”

About HAL-RAR.
HAL (Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation) is used to reduce the blood supply to the haemorrhoidal cushions. A miniature Doppler-ultrasound device is gently inserted into the anus, and an audible signal allows the surgeon to pinpoint the exact location of the arteries. The surgeon then ligates each artery by placing a stitch around it and knotting the ends. Because the stitch is placed not in the anus but in the lower rectum, where there are almost no pain nerves, the whole procedure is virtually painless. With the blood supply to the haemorrhoids being obstructed, the pressure in them is reduced almost immediately and they start to shrink. In many patients, they are no longer noticeable and the symptoms resolve within just a few weeks. For higher grades of haemorrhoidal disease, the surgeon may also use RAR to reposition the prolapsing haemorrhoids where necessary.

The principle of RAR – Recto Anal Repair – is ingeniously simple. Using the same device as for HAL, a running stitch is made from top to bottom through the prolapsing tissue. By pulling the ends of the thread together and knotting them at the top, the surgeon is able to lift the tissue back up into place and secure it where it belongs. The area subsequently scars over and integrates seamlessly back into the anal tissue.

Fact Box
TRILOGY. Locate. Ligate. Lift.
  • Device for treatment of haemorrhoids with HAL-RAR
  • With new Bluetooth technology
  • Improved light sources for better visibility
  • Clearer Doppler signal for easier artery detection
  • Optimises workflow in the operating theatre
About A.M.I.
A.M.I. – Agency for Medical Innovations – is an Austrian manufacturer of medical technology based near the shores of Lake Constance, within easy reach of both Germany and Switzerland. For more than a decade we have been developing, producing and distributing our medical products from this location. Our activities are focussed on the areas of coloproctology, minimally-invasive surgery, bariatric surgery, urology and urogynaecology.

One of the company’s main strengths lies in the fact that we develop and manufacture products according to the highest European standards of quality, and do so as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on reducing to a minimum the time that elapses between a product idea and its realisation. This strength has allowed A.M.I. to experience continual growth, and to gain a firm foothold in the market as an established European manufacturer of medical products. We develop products with that special something extra and have set a trend on several occasions. Despite their differing applications, our products all have one thing in common - based on innovative ideas and manufactured according to our high quality standards, they enable doctors to take even better care of their patients.

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