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How Makino verifies the accuracy of its micro precision machining center iQ300

On the Alicona website, Makino demonstrates in a video the use of the optical 3D measurement system InfiniteFocus

(PresseBox) (Grambach, ) In a video, Makino presents applications and benefits of the optical 3D measurement device InfiniteFocus from Alicona. The video demonstrates how InfiniteFocus is in daily use at Makino´s trial and test facilities.

Makino is a leading supplier of advanced machine tools and offers a wide range of precision metal cutting and EDM production machinery, including horizontal and vertical machining centers. InfiniteFocus is mainly used in all quality assurance matters that are related to Makino´s micro precision machining center IQ300, used to produce miniaturized components with complex geometries. InfiniteFocus measures form including surface finish of the machined parts. Also, process optimization is performed. Makino machines are used in die- and mould making, tool industry, automotive and precision manufacturing.
The video can be seen on

Toshihiko Tada, Application Technology Developing Group, Micro Machining Team at Makino about InfiniteFocus:
“InfiniteFocus is an essential system for various divisions at Makino. We are able to measure the very small and precise components manufactured by IQ300 in a high vertical resolution. We also measure the complete shape of cutting tools, which allows us to establish a correlation between the shape of cutting tools and the dimensional accuracy of machined parts. Currently, we undertake various measures to expand our services throughout InfiniteFocus. This includes Reverse Engineering, 3D Scanning and tool compensation.“

Measurement of surface roughness and surface finish with InfiniteFocus
InfiniteFocus is an optical 3D measurement system to measure surface roughness in combination with its form. Users achieve a vertical resolution of up to 10nm even at geometries with steep flanks and various reflection properties. Measurements include registered color information which is a valuable tool to verify coating and surface finish. Based on the technology of Focus-Variation, InfiniteFocus is worldwide commonly used for quality assurance in e.g. tool and mold making as well as micro precision manufacturing. The robust technology enables stable measurements in both research and production.

Alicona Imaging GmbH

Alicona is a global supplier of optical 3D surface measurement solutions for quality assurance in research and production. Its key competence is the measurement of form and roughness of even complex, miniaturized geometries. With Focus-Variation, the key technology, Alicona offers a technique that combines the functionalities of a micro coordinate measurement machine (CMM) with those of a surface measurement system. For a user, this means to measure both form and roughness of components on an areal basis. The stable and robust technology of Focus-Variation delivers repeatable and traceable measurements even in a production near environment.
The product range includes a number of standard as well as special solutions. Research and Development acts very close to the direct need of industry, which enables Alicona to design both standard products as well as special solutions based on industrial partnerships.
The Alicona headquarters is situated in Austria. Additional subsidiaries are run in Germany, France, UK, USA and South Korea, and further expansion is continued. A global network of selected distributors make Alicona products worldwide available.