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Water Damage Can Be Avoided

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) The new AFRISO-EURO-INDEX WM5 water alarm unit monitors up to five independent points for water. The unit can be used, for example, in IT, office and storage rooms as well as in businesses, industrial facilities and basements. If one or several probes are submerged in liquid, the control unit detects the change in the probe signal and generates visual and audible alarms. A three-core cable is used for connection to the control unit. The control unit contains the following elements in an impact-resistant plastic housing: display elements and controls as well as all electronic components for signal processing and conversion of the probe signal into a digital output signal which is available via a voltage-free relay contact (changeover). The probes are mounted at the lowest point of the area to be monitored. If the unit detects water, it immediately generates visual and audible alarms; the audible alarm can be switched off with the mute button. The unit indicates which of the probes 1-5 generated the alarm. The control unit is supplied with AC 230 V. It is designed for easy wall-mounting or installation in control cabinets or control panels (optional mounting frame required). In order to ensure maximum reliability, in particular in IT archives or process technology facilities, AFRISO event reporting systems can be connected to the WM5 water alarm unit. The operator is then immediately informed of alarms via the Internet, e-mail, SMS, telephone or fax to allow for fast and efficient action.