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To measure particulate matter emissions of solid-fuel combustion systems!

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) Emission control legislation is becoming ever more stringent, even for small combustion systems, in particular, for example, for systems fired with solid biofuels. This brings about new challenges for chimney sweeps, heating system engineers and service technicians as the need to offer additional services. This, however, requires a knowledge of new measuring principles and new measuring equipment. The challenge for heating system engineers and service technicians lies in optimising numerous smaller solid-fuel systems so that they operate efficiently and meet the new limit values.

The completely newly developed AFRISO STM 225 dust measuring instrument operates on the basis of the scattered light principle and can be used to measure particulate matter emissions of solid-fuel combustion systems. This optical measuring principle is based on the fact that light which hits particles scatters in a specific way. Sensors detect the light and the device evaluates the corresponding signals. The STM 225 dust measuring instrument has none of the disadvantages of other well-known measuring principles such as filter replacement, extensive preparation and postprocessing or measuring errors caused by shocks or vibration.

The device is ready for measurements after a short heat-up phase. During measurements, the measured values are continuously displayed. Measurements can be interrupted at any time and resumed after a calibration phase of 15 seconds. STM 225 is a lightweight, portable dust measuring instrument featuring easy, intuitive operation. It allows the chimney sweep to efficiently perform measurements and monitor systems for compliance with limit values. The heating system engineer benefits from STM 225 in optimising combustion systems in terms of minimum emissions.

The device excels with low cost of ownership; maintenance is limited to cleaning of the optical system and the sampling system - both tasks can be done by the user. The speed of the system saves money on each measurement: there is practically no way to take faster, easier or more cost-effective measurements. The new STM 225 dust measuring instrument can be used in stand-alone mode or in conjunction with the flue gas analyser MULTILYZER NG designed for oil fired and gas fired system.

MULTILYZER NG allows the user to measure all necessary parameters (such as O2, COH2, temperature, flue gas loss, efficiency). A comprehensive range of accessories and numerous probes ensure that the system can be used for virtually any measuring task. The combination of the two measuring instruments STM 225 and MULTILYZER NG is a high-end measuring system that can be used for all measurements at heating systems and that meets even the highest demands in terms of flue gas analysis at solid fuel, oil fired and gas fired systems - today and in the future.

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