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The new AFRISO level sensor chain

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) There are numerous reasons to protect tank facilities against overfill damage. Different levels at the beginning or during the filling process are not uncommon; they are caused by a variety of reasons such as insufficient filling speed, polluted filling or withdrawal equipment or leaks. When conventional tank facilities are filled and the first tank filled is not equipped with a level sensor, there is a high risk of overfilling and unwanted spilling of fuel oil. The consequences may be devastating and include damage to the building, soil contamination, environmental damage (groundwater), long-term odour problems and tremendous consequential costs.

In order to protect tank facilities against overfilling, AFRISO, a company with an impeccable track record as a leading innovation driver in the area of safe storage of fuel oil, has developed a level sensor chain for battery tank facilities. The system is suitable for communicating and non-communicating tank facilities.

The first tank - in direction of filling - is equipped with the level sensor officially required. With the GWG level sensor chain, each additional tank of the facility contains a level switch to limit the filling level; this level switch is connected to the wiring box of the first level sensor by means of pre-assembled cables and connectors. The current circuit of the level sensor which is supplied from the tank vehicle during the filling process and which serves as a safety shutoff system includes float switches if the GWG level sensor chain is installed. A terminating plug at the last tank closes the current circuit. During normal filling, the filling process is terminated when the maximum level is reached. However, if another tank of the facility reaches its maximum level first, the float switch of this other tank stops the filling process just as if the level sensor had responded.

The level sensor chain is suitable for retrofitting existing battery tank facilities of virtually all manufacturers and offers overfill protection by monitoring all tanks with additional level switches. The level sensor chain product range comprises, among other things, a base kit (Technical Approval of the German Institute for Building Technology Z-65.17-182), an extension kit and replacement level sensors with metallised sleeve for reliable operation with biofuel/biodiesel.

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