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Successful all-rounder with new outfit

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) The new AFRISO MULTILYZER STe flue gas analyser is suitable for flue gas analysis, (differential) pressure measurements and (differential) temperature measurements at small and medium-sized oil, gas and pellets fired systems according to the German Federal Immission Act and for CO concentration checks at gas fired systems and for all measurements and adjustments of solid-fuel systems, in particular for pellets, as well as bivalent, modulating CHP systems. MULTILYZER STe is an ergonomically designed, lightweight handheld measuring instrument with a robust protective sleeve and integrated magnets. A high-resolution TFT display, coloured representation of menus and measured values (green/flue gas, blue/temperature, yellow/pressure) as well as an intuitive "step by step" measurement program ensure maximum ease of use. The device is operated via a touch pad with a special recess for easy scrolling. The measuring instrument uses lead-free O2 sensors (ECO sensor) which excel with an extremely short calibration and response time and a long service life. The compact design allows the device to be equipped with practically any combination of up to six measuring cells (O2, CO, CO/H2, NO, NO2, SO2). Automatic sensor test and limit value monitoring ensure maximum protection of the device. The measuring instrument allows for a great variety of measurements: CO undiluted (air-free), Lambda, CO2, eta efficiency, flue gas loss, dew point and temperature difference. The primary, standard CO measuring cell is H2-compensated for official measurements. MULTILYZER STe is approved as per the German Federal Immission Act BImSchV and KÜO and certified according to EN 50379-2. The measuring instrument features an XXL data memory (including CSV database structure for up to 1,000 customer records), an optional data logger function which allows for long-term measurements at definable intervals, a "multi memory" function for subsequent acquisition of different measurement results in one measurement log, an optional Pitot measuring program for air speed measurements and determination of the flow as well as numerous additional measuring program options. Since the data is output in XML format, it can be readily processed in many software applications (such as MS Excel). All measurement logs can be archived as HTML files without any additional software and opened with any Web browser. It is also possible to convert the measurement logs to QR codes so that they can be scanned by smartphones or tablets or transferred to management software. A microSD/SDHC card allows for system-independent storage of measurement logs and fast software updates. In addition to interfaces such as USB and infrared, the device also features Bluetooth Smart technology. This allows for easy transfer of measurement data to external devices; pairing of and communication with additional pressure and temperature probes or other peripheral equipment is highly energy-saving. The new MULTILYZER STe flue gas analyser can also be used as a central controller for the AFRISO STM 225 dust measuring instrument.

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