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Safety combined

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) In sealed heating systems according to EN 12828, each heat generator must be equipped with at least one safety valve to ensure that the maximum operating pressure is not exceeded; the last safety device used is a diaphragm safety valve. In the case of an emergency, the entire boiler power is released in the form of vapour by the diaphragm safety valve. Quick air vents and pressure gauges are also part of the safety equipment of heating systems. A boiler safety group assembly provides a compact combination of these three components.

The new AFRISO KSG boiler safety group assembly combines three components which are part of the safety equipment of heating system on a single cast brass carrier. KSG consists of a diaphragm safety valve, a pressure gauge and a quick air vent. The safety valve discharges water and water/glycol mixtures at a pressure of 3 bar and more. The pressure gauge indicates the system pressure of the heating system from 0-4 bar, the quick air vent with a nominal pressure of 12 bar continuously and automatically vents the system. The pressure gauge and the quick air vent feature self-sealing mounting valves so the pressure gauge and the quick air vent can be easily replaced if need be. KSG is suitable for temperatures of the medium of up to 120 °C.

The assembly is connected to the boiler by means of a G1 female thread. The pre-assembled and tightness-tested boiler safety group assembly KSG comes with two form-fit insulation shells for standards-compliant insulation. Mounting time and effort are low. The boiler safety group assembly KSG is suitable for use in sealed heating systems as per EN 12828; version KSG 3 bar for heat generation with a heating capacity of up to 50 kW and version KSG Maxi 3 bar for a heating capacity of up to 100 kW.

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