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Robust pressure transducer in field housing

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) The new AFRISO DMU 02 Vario FG pressure transducer is designed for universal application with a great variety of electrical connections, output signals and industry-specific process connections. The measuring instrument is suitable for rough ambient conditions and resistant to shocks, vibration and pulsation. DMU 02 Vario FG excels with superior dynamics and high long-term stability as well as outstanding resistance to vibrations and pressure. Seals are not required since the measuring cell is directly welded to the process connection. Versions with an open process connection do not need hydraulic transfer fluid so that the transducer is the perfect solution for oil- and grease-free applications as well as pressure measurements of liquids. If flush pressure connections are required in the process, a second diaphragm is mounted in front of the measuring cell. The Vario diaphragm systems are filled with special transfer liquids, depending on the application; they are also tightly sealed by means of welding. The possibility of diffusion of the transfer liquid out of the system or of the measured medium into the system is excluded. The series DMU 02 Vario pressure transducers are suitable for electronic pressure measurements in the ranges -1/0 bar to 0/600 bar. They resist operating temperatures of up to –10 to 125 °C and provide 4-20 mA or 0-10 V output signals. The pressure transducers are supplied with 9 to 32 V DC. The zero point can be corrected from the outside via a permanent magnet after voltage has been supplied and within a given time window. Typical application areas of the pressure transducers include engineering, process technology, food and pharmaceutical industries as well as ultra-pure gas applications.

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