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Professional gas analysis

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) As a result of increasing environmental awareness and more stringent national and international emission protection, a growing number of plants and facilities must be equipped with emission measurement systems. As a leading gas analysis specialist with renowned solution competency, AFRISO offers a comprehensive range of products and services for professional gas measurement technology - from individual components and gas analysers all the way to turnkey customised solutions.

Numerous national and international regulations and directives require certain plants and components to be equipped with emission measurement systems: for example, bio facilities, large combustion systems, industrial gas filling plants, crematoria, refrigeration plants, waste incineration plants, fruit and vegetable storehouses, tunnel and turbo generator monitoring, etc. The diversity of measurement tasks involved in emission measurement necessitates the selection of the appropriate measuring principle (for example, absorption of infrared radiation, ion conductivity, paramagnetism) as well as consideration of the operating conditions (such as pressure, humidity, temperature, pollution) and the environmental conditions (such as atmosphere, vibration, dust concentration, ambient temperature). In most cases, the gas sampled for analysis cannot be directly processed by the gas analyser. Since accuracy and reliability of gas analysis fundamentally depend on the design of the gas analysis system (gas sampling and gas treatment systems, among other things) and since the demands on the analysis values are high, each gas concentration measurement system must be exactly tailored to the task at hand. Depending on the process (for example, combustion processes) and on customer requirements, controllers, monitoring systems, balancing systems and trend analysis systems are also integrated. As a leading manufacturer of measuring and control technology, AFRISO is a renowned provider of complete system solutions - the company offers the entire engineering of turnkey gas analysis systems from initial consulting to implementation. After commissioning, the system operator also benefits from a comprehensive range of services including annual inspections, adjustment and repair, spare parts management and remote maintenance.

AFRISO delivers complete analysis systems on mounting plates, completely pre-assembled with all wiring and hosing, in vehicles, in measuring cabinets or as measuring stations in containers. The system components are also available as individual products (for example, gas sampling probes, heated analysis lines and frost protection lines, gas coolers, gas pumps, gas treatment systems, gas analysers, infrared gas analysers, NOX converters, zero air generators, oxygen analysers, oxygen probes, oxygen trace analysers, emission computers, measuring station selectors, etc.). A comprehensive range of accessories (for example, absorption filters, adsorption filters, room air suction filters, acid filters, universal filters and pre-filters, water traps, humidifier bottles, sampling pipes, gas purifiers, flame arrestors, condensate collectors, plug valves, solenoid valves, temperature controllers, T pieces, screw connections, etc.) round off the stationary gas analysis portfolio.

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