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Leak test set DPK 60-7

(PresseBox) (Gueglingen, ) AFRISO has launched a new line of test sets for all typical test tasks for gas, oil, solar and water installations. The new DPK 60 series includes the cost-effective, mechanical test set DPK 60-5, the digital test set DPK 60-6 and the all-round leak test set DPK 60-7; it has been designed for inspections of gas pipes as per DVGW TRGI 2008 and for inspections of drinking water pipes as per ZVSHK. The units can also be used to perform tightness tests of oil pipes (TRÖL), oil pumps as well as heating systems and solar systems. The open device concept allows for modular extensions so additional tests, for example of waste water pipes, can be performed.

The new AFRISO DPK 60-7 leak test set comprises the measuring instrument DPK 60-7 with all hoses pre-connected in a robust system case, a syringe and pump with shut-off valves and pressure connection as well as various test plugs; it can be equipped with an optional thermal printer. DPK 60-7 can be used to measure the pressure of gaseous media in non-hazardous areas. The DPK 60-7 measuring instrument complies with the DVGW requirements as per TRGI-2008 for measuring instruments of device class D; it may be used for tightness tests as well as load tests and evaluation of serviceability/determination of amount of gas leakage. DPK 60-7 features an integrated barometric pressure sensor, connections for an external pressure sensor (e.g. for drinking water pipes) and a temperature probe (type K). The digital pressure measuring instrument DPK 60-7 excels with high measuring accuracy. Its large TFT display provides excellent readability even under adverse light conditions. The instrument is very easy to use due to its logical user interface which guides the user though the individual steps after he has started one of the programs "Load Test", "Tightness Test", "Evaluation of Serviceability (Determination of Amount of Gas Leakage)" and "Pressure Measurement"; the end of the measurement is indicated by an audible signal. The results are stored on a MicroSD card. DPK 60-7 can store up to 100 measurement logs. A standard MicroSD card (max. 16 GB) used as a system-independent storage medium provides high flexibility for managing measured data which can also be imported into PCs, laptops and notebooks. DPK 60-7 is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery for continuous measurements of up to 30 hours; it is charged via a power supply unit shipped with the device.