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Leak detector + Smart Home = Maximum safety

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) As a measuring and control specialist, AFRISO has been offering a comprehensive range of building technology products for monitoring liquid storage facilities, levels, leaks, gases and smoke for many years with its range of WATCHDOG alarm units. Recently, AFRISO launched its own Smart Building and Smart Home system "AFRISOLab", based on EnOcean wireless technology. Because safety and minimisation of damage are part of the core business of AFRISO, all suitable WATCHDOG units will be EnOcean-ready from now on.

The latest generation of AFRISO Eurovac HV leak detectors can now be integrated into Smart Home applications by means of an EnOcean wireless module that can be retrofitted. The optional TCM 320 wireless module is plugged into a slot in the leak detector and connected to an EnOcean centre by means of a "Learn" telegram. In the case of an alarm, a message is sent to the smartphone or tablet of the operator so that appropriate action can be taken immediately.

The new high vacuum AFRISO Eurovac HV leak detector is a vacuum type leak detector as per EN 13160, class I. The leak detector is suitable for safe monitoring of double-walled tanks and single-walled tanks with an inner lining for the storage of non-flammable liquids and flammable liquids with a flash point > 55 °C. The leak detector maintains a vacuum in the interstitial space of the tank via an economical DC motor (energy efficiency class A++) and triggers visual and audible alarms in the case of a leak. The audible alarm can be switched off with the Acknowledge button. The device features a test button for performing function tests and indicating the pump running time, an integrated service indicator for annual maintenance and a switching output for integration into building control systems or connection of additional alarm equipment. The hose connections (red, white, green) are used for the pneumatic connection to the interstitial space of the tank; the connection pieces can be used for 4 mm or 6 mm hoses. Eurovac HV is supplied with AC 100-240 V and suitable for ambient temperatures of -5/+50 °C. For outdoor applications, the device is available in a protective housing or in a protective housing with heating (IP 55).

The leak detector Eurovac HV is approved for suitable double-walled steel tanks and for all tanks with a leak protection lining as per EN 13160-7. More than 50 liquids such as fuel oil, diesel, AdBlue as per DIN 70070, used oils, engine oils, gearbox oils, hydraulic oils, drilling oils, cutting oils, cooling agents and brake fluid can be monitored. Eurovac HV complies with the German Water Act, the German Directive on Handling Water-polluting Substances (AwSV) and the EC Construction Products Directive, the German Directive on Occupational Safety (BetrSichV), EN 13160-1 and has the Technical Approval of the German Institute for Civil Engineering (DIBt) Z-65.22-4.

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