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Flue gas analyser MAXILYZER NG Plus with yet more features

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) The flue gas analyser MAXILYZER NG Plus from AFRISO is an extended version of the MAXILYZER NG with an integrated Peltier cooler and a heating for heated suction hoses facilitate professional measurements in the field. The device is the ideal solution for checking and servicing all heating systems and for performing CO concentration safety checks at gas fired systems. In addition, the flue gas analyser can be used for measurements and adjustments at solid fuel systems, in particular for pellets, as well as bivalent, modulating combined heating and power plants. The compact design allows the device to be equipped with any combination of up to six electrochemical measuring cells (O2, COH2, CO20.000, NO, NO2, SO2). MAXILYZER NG Plus is approved as per the German Federal Immission Act and per KÜO (TÜV By RgG 247) and certified as per EN 50379-2 and can be used for flue gas analysis, (differential) pressure measurement and (differential) pressure measurement.

The ergonomic user interface with backlit display shows up to 10 measured values with various units for toxic gases (ppm, mg/m3, mg/kWh, mg/MJ) and freely selectable units for pressure measurements (hPa, mbar, PSI, mmH2O, inchH2O, mmHg and inchHg). Measuring is possible with two active display levels (multitasking function). The sequence of measured values in the flue gas measuring program is individually adjustable. The "Eta" value is automatically calculated also for condensing systems under consideration of the proportion of the latent heat used. MAXILYZER NG Plus has a dust-proof and water-tight housing with an integrated thermal printer and many other features such as an integrated gas treatment system with water stop function, a standardised plug connection system for all NiCr-Ni (type K) temperature probes, an automatic instrument check with sensor state test and a limit value monitoring system with active sensor protection function for the H2-compensated CO sensor.

The battery allows for up to 40 hours of measuring. Intelligent charging technology enables the device to be charged during measuring. MAXILYZER NG Plus features dynamic memory management for up to 100 data records. A USB interface is available for PC applications. An optional Bluetooth interface with a range of up to 100 m is also available. MAXILYZER NG Plus can be delivered in several sets - the scope of delivery comprises the MAXILYZER NG Plus with up to 6 measuring cells, a case with charger, an ambient air probe, a modular probe system, an interchangeable probe with 300 mm probe tube, 5 x Infiltec fine filter, 5 x Teflon fibre membrane, a connection kit for differential pressure measurement and a calibration report.

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