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Digital tank contents indicator DTA 10

(PresseBox) (Güglingen, ) A fuel tank with its own supply of energy provides peace of mind, and a tank contents indicator provides a clear reading of the level in the tank. The better you know your fuel oil supply and the development of the fuel oil price, the better you can determine the optimum refuelling date and volume. The great advantage of a fuel oil tank is especially beneficial in energy-saving buildings. If the building is well insulated and uses solar energy, the conventional heating system is only required occasionally. In such a scenario, it makes sense to use a type of energy, which is readily available without incurring high running costs. An oil fired heating system is particularly useful since, as opposed to gas and electricity, no basic charges apply. Oil fired heating systems are also gaining popularity because wood as a fuel has become increasingly expensive.

The new AFRISO DTA 10 digital tank contents indicator is used for level measurement in fuel or water tanks and for non-corrosive liquids with a density between 0.5 - 1.5 g/cm³. DTA 10 consists of a mains-independent display unit with a digital display for mounting in rooms and a measuring line (20 m) with bottom part for the tank. The measuring instrument is supplied via a 9 V monobloc battery, i.e. the user does not need a 230 V outlet to obtain accurate measuring results (+/- 1 cm liquid column, not officially calibrated). It is also possible to connect the device to existing measuring lines of other pneumatic level indicators. Commissioning the digital tank contents indicator is very easy using the three control buttons at the front: Via an intuitive menu, the user sets the language (English, French, German), the medium (fuel oil, water, variable), the tank shape (linear, spherical, horizontal cylindrical), the tank height (0 cm to 400 cm), the volume (0 to 99,999 litres) and the alarm threshold (0 % to 100 %). In the case of other tanks shapes (e.g. battery tanks), it is possible to take the information from the bearing charts of the tank manufacturer. After that, the DTA 10 tank contents indicator is ready for operation. To take measurements, it is sufficient to press the control button "Start Measurement", wait a few seconds and read the result. If the device measures a value that is below an adjustable minimum level, a visual alarm is triggered (the display changes/flashes). The scope of delivery contains all part required for easy and fast installation.

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