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Advantech’s UTC-520: A Multifunctional Interactive Signage Terminal with an Aesthetic Design

(PresseBox) (Munich / Germering, ) Advantech, a leader in providing a wide range of certified computing systems and services, is excited to announce the UTC-520 Interactive Signage Terminal. With its 21.5” TFT LCD display, the aesthetically-designed unit fits comfortably on shelves and countertops, and is an ideal system for use as an in-store display.
The multi-functional terminal serves a wide variety of applications including retail & hospitality, self-service, public services, healthcare, education, entertainment and corporate use. Interactive technology gives customers access to dynamic, real-time information, serving them better and keeping businesses competitive by allowing them to present branded content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Full HD capability motivates and increases customer awareness. UTC-520 is slim with a pure-flat display and a noise-free, fanless design; it is customizable to meet specific needs and it supports a choice of embedded Linux or embedded Windows® 7/8 operating systems.

Multi-functional, a Flat LCD Panel and a Powerful Choice of Processors
UTC-520 has an IP65-compliant, “true flat” touchscreen featuring a powerful choice of energy-efficient processors, from the Intel® Atom™ D220 to the Intel® Core™ i7 processor. A combination of functional styling and rugged durability creates an interactive digital signage display capable of real-time rendering of dynamic content for your application needs. With high-quality HDMI and VGA output, this scalable, network-ready appliance is both easy to install and reliable.

Full HD Media Increases Customer Awareness as it Motivates
UTC-520 supports full-HD resolution. Content can be segmented to concurrently display images, videos and real-time dynamic feeds from social media sites. MediaPort is a solution that is useful in waiting areas, store departments, retail end-caps and in-aisle product promotions. HDMI input allows connections to gaming or external media devices and the true flat touchscreen options transform the display from a passive advertisement into an interactive experience, ideal in shop window displays and assisted-shopping applications.

Highly Customizable to Meet the Changing Needs of Business
Many retailers struggle with the question of how to provide a seamless customer experience. The real challenge lies in selecting the right tool for the job. UTC-520 is that tool; it can transform your business, helping you achieve new profitability. Custom modular features can be added to tailor the system to meet the demands of a variety of applications such as digital signage, interactive e-concierge, product showcasing, navigation and reservation.
The touchscreen can be enhanced for more durability with different coatings (AR/AG/AS), multi-touch and Corning Gorilla glass. The LCD display is optically bonded, with a brightness of 1000 cd/m2 and a wide viewing angle of 89°. Other options include choices in WiFi, MSR, RFID, smart-card reader, barcode scanner and media capture, all designed to allow integrators to adapt UTC-520 to a broad base of clientele.

UTC-520 offers flexible choices, high performance, and high durability. It is available now. Advantech maintains excellence by constantly surpassing industry standards and continually developing new and better products and services. For more information about the UTC-520, or other Advantech products and services, please contact a sales representative or visit us on the web at

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