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Advantech SUSIAccess Builds Connectivity to Intelligent Systems

(PresseBox) (Germering, ) Advantech, the embedded platform and intelligent systems facilitator, is pleased to announce the newest version of SUSIAccess, an innovative remote device management software preloaded into all Advantech embedded products. By integrating Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) and Clickatell’s SMS gateway service, SUSIAccess 2.1 permits efficient remote management, monitoring and maintenance to reduce your total cost of ownership. The launch of SUSIAccess 2.1 provides system integrators with more flexible options for creating intelligent and interconnected embedded computing solutions.

SUSIAccess: Built-in Intelligence for Embedded Computing

According to a 2012 IDC survey, the number of embedded intelligent systems will grow to 2.6 billion by 2016 with a 19% CAGR, creating a potential future prototype for the intelligent city. Intelligent systems perform mission-critical roles in high-value applications across multiple industries such as in power plant automation or digital signage in airports, and because they are often deployed in remote locations, intelligent systems must be reliable and highly available.

SUSIAccess is designed to build intelligent remote management functions into embedded computing applications, not only ensuring continuous system uptimes, but also reducing maintenance costs. It can constantly monitor the health of multiple devices and send out alarm notifications via e-mails and SMS messages if abnormal situations prevail. SUSIAccess 2.1 also provides other powerful utilities such as System Recovery (powered by Acronis), System Protection (powered by McAfee) and Remote KVM to protect and recover faulty systems.

Monitor Your Devices' Health Even When They're Off

By integrating Intel AMT in SUSIAccess 2.1, administrators are able to access their systems when they are powered-off or even if the OS has crashed, allowing recovery capabilities that pure software solutions cannot offer. SUSIAccess 2.1 also integrates Clickatell, a global SMS gateway service covering over than 220 countries that can send instant SMS alarms to mobile phones via internet without 3G connections. It helps administrators to stay in sync with the health of all their devices, automatically and promptly.

SUSIAccess Delivers Real-time Remote Configuration Across Industries

“SUSIAccess is an easy-to-use remote device management software solution to monitor Advantech IPCs in our solution—allowing real-time remote configuration to ensure total system reliability.”
Customers from many different industries are already enjoying the benefits that SUSIAccess has to offer. One of the largest telecom companies in Taiwan is now using SUSIAccess in their solution for energy saving via digital power meters and environmental sensors. The solution uses Advantech Fanless Box PCs ARK-3360 and ARK-1120 as the control gateways for data collection, and SUSIAccess remotely monitors the health of all devices and hard drives to ensure that data is always transmitted successfully.

Key Benefits to System Integrators

• Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
- Ensures system uptime
- Gets instant support
- Reduces maintenance & energy cost

• Connectivity with Full OS Selection
- Supports Windows and Linux OS on all Advantech embedded products
- Freely choose target OS on the device to build intelligent solutions

• Quick Customization Service
- End product value add-on
- Customizable logo and slogans
- Functional module configuration

SUSIAccess 2.1 is built into all Advantech embedded computing products.
Please visit learn more about SUSIAccess, or contact Advantech for detailed information.

About Embedded Core Service

Advantech Embedded Core Services offers design-in oriented services. These streamlined solutions broadly integrate embedded boards, peripheral modules and software. This dedicated focus on Embedded Design-in services fulfills electronic engineering demands at their design-in phase, and brings benefits that shorten the design and integration cycles, minimizing uncertainty and risk.

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