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ABUS smoke detectors for double protection

(PresseBox) (Affing, ) The new HSRM30000 smoke and heat detector form ABUS Security-Center uses a bi-sensor processor to monitor both smoke and heat, and therefore provides a doubly reliable alarm when this type of hazard arises. This means that unlike conventional smoke detectors, it is also suitable for use in difficult locations such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Dual verification of smoke and temperature
The HSRM30000 can monitor an area of up to 40 m² inside a room and is equipped with a bi-sensor processor. This not only monitors whether smoke is present, but also reacts to the rise in temperature in the event of a fire. This guarantees particularly effective protection, recognising and sounding an early alarm for difficult-to-detect smouldering fires that produce little smoke, but all the more heat. At the same time, there is no chance of misdetection due to water vapour or temperature variations. Thanks to its bi-sensor processor technology, the HSRM30000 ensures reliable protection in bedrooms, children’s rooms and hallways, and is also suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms. The ABUS smoke and heat detector also has a self-test function that can be used at any time to check that it is working correctly.

Especially suitable for buildings and apartments
The built-in 3-volt lithium battery has a service life of up to twelve years, making it ideal for use in private and commercial buildings. The 88 dB alarm means that the HSRM3000 gives a reliable warning in the event of smoke and heat. The detector is mounted without drilling using the simple hot-meld adhesive method, or using a simple drill-mounting procedure.

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