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Volume of zooplus AG's ongoing capital increase from authorized capital

(PresseBox) (Munich, ) The subscription results from Munich-based zooplus AG's current ongoing capital increase are now available after the subscription period expired yesterday. According to information from UniCredit Bank AG, which is supporting the capital increase, the company's shareholders exercised their subscription rights in the amount of EUR 469.261.00 and UniCredit Bank AG has subscribed for new shares in this amount. The company's share capital will therefore be increased by partially exercising the Authorized Capital 2008 by a nominal amount of EUR 469,261.00 from the current total of EUR 5,631,138.00 to EUR 6,100,399.00 by issuing 469,261 new, no-par value bearer shares each with a nominal interest of EUR 1.00 in the share capital.

The execution of the capital increase will immediately be applied to be entered in the company's commercial register. After registration of the execution of the capital increase in the company's commercial register, the new shares will then be admitted immediately and without a prospectus to the segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with additional requirements subsequent to admission (Prime Standard) and included in the existing listing for the old shares; applications to do this will be made. The new shares carry full profit participation rights for the financial year 2011.

zooplus AG will generate gross proceeds of EUR 19,708,962.00 from the capital increase - subject to execution of the capital increase being entered in the commercial register. The company is intending to boost growth and help expand European online market leadership with the proceeds from the capital increase. In line with its strategic goals, the capital increase allows the company to focus more strongly on international growth as well as the expansion of its operating business. In addition, the capital increase serves to strengthen the company's equity base.

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zooplus AG

zooplus was founded in 1999 and has established itself as Europe's leading online retailer for pet products, measured by sales and other income. In 2010, total sales amounted to EUR 194 mm and, therefore, have increased fivefold during the last 5 years. The company's business model has already been introduced successfully in 18 countries. zooplus offers products for all pet varieties. Its product range comprises foods (dry and wet pet foods, pet food supplements such as chewing bones and snacks) as well as pet accessories (such as cat trees and toys) over a wide range of categories. In addition to a broad selection of over 7,000 products, zooplus customers benefit from online veterinary consultations as well as a number of other interactive features. Pet products represent a significant market segment of the European consumer retail space. Overall revenues from pet food and accessories amounted to EUR 19 billion within the European Union in 2010 alone. Based on the growing trend towards humanization of pets in western industrialized countries, pet owners are adapting their purchasing behaviour in favour of health, wellness and other premium products. In addition, European eCommerce is expected to enjoy sustained, strong growth in the years to come. zooplus expects a continuation of the company's dynamic growth.