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Economic Expectations Improve Significantly

ZEW-CS Financial Market Test Switzerland

(PresseBox) (Mannheim, ) In September 2013 economic expectations for Switzerland increased markedly by 9.1 points. Accordingly, the ZEW-CS-Indicator of economic expectations has reached the 16.3 points-mark, which is the highest reading since April 2013. The ZEW-CS Indicator is calculated monthly by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in cooperation with Credit Suisse (CS). The indicator reflects the expectations of the surveyed financial market experts regarding the economic development in Switzerland on a six-month time horizon.

In September, one fourth of the surveyed experts expect Switzerland's economic development to improve over a six-month time horizon. Close to two thirds of the surveyed participants foresee a stable economic development.

Analysts' assessment of the current economic situation in Switzerland has improved by 6.3 points to the reading of 37.2 points in September.

Optimism prevails with respect to the economic development of the Eurozone, too. Thus, economic expectations for the Eurozone have improved by 3.9 points reaching the 45.3 points-mark. Although some analysts remain cautious, the assessment of the current economic situation in the Eurozone has improved markedly: while 72.5 per cent of the surveyed experts evaluated the economic situation to be "bad" in the August survey, this ratio has dropped to 40.5 per cent in the current survey.

Detailed results:

More detailed results - including survey participants' assessment of developments in other countries - can be found in this month's edition of the "Switzerland Financial market report" (please note that the URL is case sensitive):

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