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Intezyne Technologies Improves Therapeutic Drug Delivery Efficacy with Wyatt Technology's DynaPro Plate Reader

(PresseBox) (SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, ) Wyatt Technology Corporation, the world leader in absolute macromolecular characterization instrumentation and software, today announced that Intezyne Technologies has selected the DynaPro Plate Reader to assess the stability of its chemically bespoke novel drug carriers.

Founded in 2004, Intezyne Technologies employs a unique approach in tackling the most important and complex problems associated with targeted therapeutic drug delivery. Active cell targeting permits the selective attachment of the delivery system to diseased areas in the body and is achieved using cell-specific ligands located on the surface of the carrier. Intezyne Technologies uses a multi-block copolymer design, finely tailored with individual highly specific polymers to address key problems such as drug-carrier stability. The effects of surrounding pH, ionic charge, temperature and chemical concentrations on constructed carriers are key in effective target-specific drug therapy. The only way to attain this critical information is by monitoring the interactions of the drug carriers in acutely graded environments. This requires the processing of thousands of Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) experiments as quickly as possible.

Intezyne Technologies acquired a Wyatt Technology DynaPro Plate Reader DLS instrument, whose disposable well plates removed the need for individual cuvettes. This unique plate reader technology removed the normal transfer stage from Intezyne Technologies' serum-stability experiments, reducing a process that took scientists up to 16 hours down to just five minutes. Bypassing the arduous process of individually preparing and reading each concentration removed the risk of contamination of samples and inaccuracies that could be caused by fingerprints through the transfer of samples and repeat experiments. Also because the Plate Reader avoids "sucking and sipping" technologies that require sample handling and transfer, Intezyne also avoided potential cross-contamination of their samples.

The 96 well-plate format proved ideal for Intezyne Technologies for pipetting out the required graded concentrations, allowing experiments with a spectrum of conditions to be easily carried out and comparisons made with Wyatt's SpectralView software. Automation allowed the instrument to be left running unattended for hours enabling experiments to continue overnight, providing additional labor and time saving benefits.

The DynaPro Plate Reader's disposable well-plates proved considerably less expensive than cuvettes and the ability to analyze the lowest volumes of samples in any automated DLS technology ensured minimal waste of expensive solutions, manufactured polymers and well-plates. Fewer experiments needed to be re-run due to the high levels of accuracy and stability attained using DynaPro Plate Reader, further eliminating avoidable costs.

Kevin Sill, Chief Science Officer at Intezyne Technologies commented on the ease of use of the DynaPro Plate Reader stating, "It took less than half a day to familiarize Intezyne Technologies with Wyatt's DynaPro Plate Reader without any specialized training. The DynaPro Plate Reader's time-saving advantages prove pivotal in our company remaining ahead of the field, making it an invaluable investment for Intezyne Technologies."

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