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US Premiere for the powerful, high-speed TM Xpress

Wittmann Battenfeld at the NPE 2009

(PresseBox) (Kottingbrunn / Austria, ) A highly successful start has been made with the new, powerful high-speed TM Xpress series. This series which was developed at the end of 2008 will be presented to the US market at NPE 2009, to be held in Chicago from June 22 to 26. In addition to the TM Xpress 270/1350, there will be three work cells showing medical and multi-component technology as well as standard applications, and the all-electric Microsystem 50 producing innovative micro components, awaiting visitors in the South hall, booth S42000.

TM Xpress: US Premiere for the fast turnkey IML solution

At NPE 2009, the new high-speed TM Xpress will celebrate its premiere on the US market.

This series - specially designed for the packaging market - combines speed with precision. Visitors to NPE 2009 will be able to see this for themselves on a TM Xpress 270/1350 molding a 750 ml PP container in a 2-cavity mold supplied by Wittmann with a cycle time of only 4.7 seconds. A Wittmann IML system will handle insertion of the labels as well as removal and handling of the finished containers.

The Wittmann group is the first supplier worldwide in a position to offer its customers high-speed injection molding machines together with molds and automation equipment for IML applications all from a single source.

The HM Series: Multi-component and Integrated Robot

From the proven HM series, Wittmann Battenfeld is presenting an HM 240/1330H/210S multi-component machine. In only one injection molding step, a fitting with a seal will be produced at a cycle time of 60 seconds in a 2-cavity mold supplied by IFW (Austria).

A W823 telescopic vertical arm, 4 axis servo robot from Wittmann subsequently places the finished parts on a conveyor belt integrated into the machine frame and guarding. This "insider solution" reduces the space and external guarding required for producing injection molded parts to a minimum. With the optional "integration into the machine's control system" it is possible to operate the R8 Series robot entirely via the IMM's Unilog B6 control panel and therefore, allow the robot Teach pendant to be placed on the rear side of the machine for secondary work cell control.

This machine also illustrates remote services option to run the molding machine by a remote controller.

In another work cell from the HM series, Wittmann Battenfeld will show the production of a medical part. Dosing stops for insulin pens (0.2g) will be manufactured in a 48-cavity mold from Hasco (Germany) on an HM 110/525. The cycle time is 6 seconds.

On a Plus 35/75 (40 US ton), the small compact plug-and-play model, will be running a four cavity, glass filled nylon, consumer product with a runner to be removed by a W702 sprue picker with raised integrated guarding.

Microsystem 50: cost-efficient system solutions for micro injection molding

In the area of micro system technology, Wittmann Battenfeld is the recognized technological leader in the industry. Its many years of experience combined with comprehensive mold, machine technology and manufacturing expertise, are highly valued by processors.

With the all-servo electric Microsystem 50, specially designed for the production of injection molded micro parts, Wittmann Battenfeld optimally meets the high demand for complete and cost-efficient system solutions in micro injection molding.

At NPE 2009, Wittmann Battenfeld is presenting an innovative development in the field of medical technology. A POM 'cogwheel' to drive insulin pumps (2 cavities) will be produced within a cycle time of 4 seconds.

The Microsystem 50 (5.5 US tons) from Wittmann Battenfeld offers the advantages of substantially reduced cycle times and low material loss thanks to minimization of sprue combined with ultimate precision. The benefit is a decisive edge in costefficiency compared to conventional injection molding.

All machines on display are supplemented by components from Wittmann's extensive range of peripheral equipment. As a partner for tailor-made turnkey solutions, the Wittmann group offers innovative line concepts for both standard and special applications.

Saving time and money with Wittmann Battenfeld Web Services

The machine presentation is rounded off with a comprehensive service portfolio consisting of technological assistance and operator training as well as remote and on-site maintenance.

With an ample choice of web service, web training and remote service options, Wittmann Battenfeld offers worldwide communication - anywhere at any time. This helps processors save both time and money. In this way, Wittmann Battenfeld will continue to pursue its strategy of reliable partnership with its customers into the future.

At the service corner integrated into the company's booth, visitors can familiarize themselves with the wide range of options for networking between machines and PC workplaces, including demonstration of a live connection with a customer's machine via the web service network.

Please refer to the press release "Wittmann at the NPE 2009" (May 2009) for a detailed description of the peripheral equipment from the Wittmann group presented at the NPE.