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Latest process technology combined with sophisticated machine technology from WITTMANN BATTENFELD on display at the Fakuma


(PresseBox) (Kottingbrunn, ) At this year's Fakuma, WITTMANN BATTENFELD is not only presenting innovative injection molding machines to trade visitors, but combining them with ultra-modern process technology applications as well. For example, an HM ServoPower with Insider automation, BFMOLD and surface inspection will be showcased in Friedrichshafen.

The HM ServoPower is a highly dynamic servo-hydraulic machine with a significantly higher degree of efficiency than machines with conventional hydraulic systems. An internal gear pump with fixed displacement is used as hydraulic pump. In this system, the delivery of the pump is controlled exclusively via the motor speed of the highly dynamic AC servo motor. In this way, the necessary optimal motor speed can be set for every operating point. Moreover, the system is completely shut down during breaks and can be shut off altogether for longer breaks. In combination with the servo motor's higher degree of efficiency and motor speed-controlled flow volume regulation, this leads to total energy consumption cuts of up to 35% for the HM ServoPower compared to conventional drives with asynchronous three-phase motors.

One positive side effect of the low energy input is that the hydraulic oil is heated less. This lowers the cooling water consumption considerably and consequently also the amount of energy required for cooling the oil. At the same time, the strain on the hydraulic oil is reduced, which leads to a substantial extension of the oil's service life. As a consequence, the oil change intervals can be lengthened - a positive contribution to reducing environmental damage.

A significant cut in noise emission has also been achieved by using the ServoPower drive. This positive effect is a result of replacing the piston pump with an internal gear pump, which operates at a significantly lower sound level. A further reduction in noise emission results from the lower average motor speed. In combination with the frequency-optimized, sound-insulated motor and pump compartment, the sound level can be reduced by up to 3 decibels.

In addition to significantly lower energy consumption and potential savings on hydraulic oil, machines operating with ServoPower also feature lower electricity costs due to a considerable reduction in idle power, which is achieved by the servo motor's higher degree of efficiency and the approximately 20% higher power factor of the complete line. The significantly reduced cooling demand for the hydraulic oil also leads to considerable cost savings.

HM ServoPower with Insider automation, BFMOLD and surface inspection at the Fakuma

At the Fakuma, an HM 110/350 ServoPower with insider solution will be on show. In this version, a parts removal robot, a conveyor belt and peripheral equipment for upstream and downstream processing, all from WITTMANN, are integrated in the machine frame, which adds up to considerable benefits. For instance, the space requirements are reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional automation solutions. Shorter traverse paths lead to minimized robot cycle times, and the material flow is significantly improved as well.

A front panel for a coffee machine will be manufactured on the HM 110/350 ServoPower Insider, using a single-cavity mold supplied by Wittner, Austria. This is a high-gloss visible part made of PC/ABS. The parts are produced by a variothermic process using BFMOLDTM technology. In this technology the entire space below the cavity is used for heating and cooling. This enables extremely even and, above all, quick cooling of the mold area. Therefore this technology is of interest not only in order to reduce cycle times, but also to prevent warpage and to reduce tension. Moreover, sink marks and joint lines can be prevented with the help of BFMOLD(TM) technology, above all on components with a visible surface or parts with a high-gloss surface.

The parts will be removed by a W818 WITTMANN robot, which will pass them on to a camera for surface inspection. The parts inspection system shown on this line provides a method to identify surface defects independent of human observation. This system developed by PCCL (Polymer Competence Center Leoben, Austria) takes photos of the part's surface and compares them with reference pictures. This system enables 100 % detection of surface defects independent of the presence of a human observer.

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