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Competence Days at Wittmann Battenfeld - a sweeping success

(PresseBox) (Kottingbrunn , ) Trade visitors from all over Europe accepted the invitation of Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH to attend the "Competence Days" from June 4 to 5, 2008 in Kottingbrunn (Austria). Under the motto "Technology working for you", a team of experts presented innovative machinery and process solutions for a great variety of injection molding requirements.

The host of visitors attending the Competence Days at Wittmann Battenfeld exceeded all expectations. For the first time under new ownership, the newly established company presented itself to a broad public.

Expert presentations provided an insight into the latest Battenfeld technologies and informed visitors about processes such as Airmould and Aquamould gas and water injection technology, Combimould multi-component technology and Cellmould structured foam technology. The expert presentation of "Secure mold tempering for injection molding tools" underscored the competence of Wittmann Battenfeld for the injection molding industry.

The series of presentations was rounded off by a report from Müller-Technik GmbH (Steinfeld, Germany), a Wittmann Battenfeld customer of long standing. Helmut Kohake and Manuela Sieverding reported about "Competitiveness with fluid injection and multi-component technology" from the practical injection molder's point of view.

Following the theoretical presentations, the guests had an opportunity to experience some practical applications. During the machine demonstration, they were able to witness the high performance of Battenfeld machinery live on site.

Exhibits with clamping forces ranging from 5 to 650 t provided a comprehensive insight into the innovative machine and process technologies of Wittmann Battenfeld. Equipment from the hydraulic, toggle-modular and all-electric series was demonstrated.

The items manufactured on the production lines included standard components for the automotive, medical, packaging, household appliance, building construction and toy industries.

Combimould multi-component technology was demonstrated on an HM 180/350H/350H and an HM 300/1330H/1000H. These exhibits showed the production of a nozzle for silicone cartridges made from PP/PE and a media conduit made from fiberglass-reinforced PA/PP. Gas injection technology was used to form the cavity inside the part.

The HM 110/350 with Airmould equipment successfully demonstrated the production of a handle strip. Aquamould water injection technology was presented on an HM 240/1000 manufacturing a PA seat adjustment bracket. This solution will replace the metal bracket previously in use. The Cellmould process was shown to the guests on an HM 150/525. This exhibit demonstrated the production of a PA cover.

On the smallest (Plus 35) and the largest (HM 650/5100) machines of the hydraulic series, the production of PS whistles and PP transport boxes were shown.

To represent the all-electric series, an EM 110/300 with a special liquid silicone equipment package showed the production of an LSR FX ring for a dialysis machine.

A 28-pin sub plug made of POM has been produced on a Microsystem 50, with part removal by robot and optical quality inspection.

The TM 300/1350 and the TM 180/525 proved their efficiency for the packaging industry. The items manufactured were HDPE closing caps in a 48-cavity mold and a PP cup using a 2-cavity mold.

Following the principle of "everything for the injection molding process from a single source", the parent company Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte supplied the exhibits with matching devices from its extensive range of automation and peripheral equipment.

A separate service center was available for discussions centering on customer support, web service and web training.

Several partner companies of long standing from the materials, mold-making and hotrunner technology industries and some plastics research institutes took the opportunity to be present with their own information stands.

A team of specialists from Wittmann Battenfeld placed their expert knowledge at the disposal of visitors to answer their questions throughout the whole day.

The guests had an opportunity to continue their relevant discussions in a relaxed atmosphere during a "Heurigen" night, to which everyone was invited.

"We are very pleased about the great number of guests we were able to welcome at our facility. Together with Wittmann, we are now the only system supplier worldwide able to supply turnkey solutions from a single source to the injection molding industry, and this event was our first opportunity to demonstrate this in an impressive way", says Mag. Georg Tinschert, Managing Director of Wittmann Battenfeld.