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Training for long-term business success / Wincor Nixdorf as technology partner in the GS1 Knowledge Center

(PresseBox) (Paderborn, ) Wincor Nixdorf, a leading provider of IT services and solutions for the banking and retail sectors, is now present as a technology partner of GS1 Germany at the standard organization's new international KnowledgeCenter in Cologne. As part of its "Value Chain Live" showcase, Wincor Nixdorf shows how its solutions can help retailers reduce costs and increase efficiency. The goal of the IT solutions provider and GS1 Germany, which have been collaborating for years, is to train decision-makers and executive trainees from the retail sector in the use of common process standards, coordinate business processes in trade and industry more effectively and secure a smooth flow of products and data within the supply and demand chains.

With innovative solutions based on GS1 standards, which, for instance, can improve customer service, companies are made fit for today's market challenges. Wincor Nixdorf presents a range of solutions for branch processes in retail stores, including increasingly popular reverse vending machines and automated checkout systems as well as a complete branch system that is controlled by the software platform. The presentation shows the complete supply chain based on a crate with beverage containers - from production and transportation to purchasing and return. The real application environment shows various identification and communication technologies and their interaction. Over two floors, the KnowledgeCenter offers technically well-equipped and flexible workshop and conference rooms, which Wincor Nixdorf will use for internal and external training sessions as well as a close collaboration and direct exchange of ideas with retail customers.

About GS1 Germany:

GS1 Germany helps companies from all sectors use standards for modern communications and processes to improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations. The organization is responsible, among other things, for the EAN (European Article Number) barcode standard. In addition, GS1 Germany supports the use of new technologies, such as EPC (Electronic Product Code) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for fully automated identification of objects, and offer solutions such as ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) for greater customer focus. A commercial organization, Cologne-based GS1 Germany is a member of the international "Global Standards One" (GS1) network and is the second largest of more than 100 local GS1 organizations.