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Crédit Agricole Group decides in favor of PC/E Retail Banking Solution Suite

(PresseBox) (Paderborn, ) Wincor Nixdorf has received an important software contract from one of the leading bank groups in Europe. In the future Crédit Agricole will control its 22,000 selfservice systems throughout Europe with Wincor Nixdorf's ProClassic/Enterprise Retail Banking Solution Suite (PC/E). Up to now the group has used a variety of software solutions to operate its selfservice networks of ATMs, transaction terminals and statement printers. In the future, all the systems will be migrated to a single software platform as part of a successive rollout. CEDICAM, the Crédit Agricole subsidiary responsible for payment systems, made the decision in favor of PC/E Suite as part of a strategic project with the goal of building a European payment platform.

PC/E Suite is Wincor Nixdorf's modular software suite that focuses on front office sales and service processes at banks. Crédit Agricole has decided in favor of the software product PC/E Self-Service in a first step. The networkcentric selfservice solution enables the bank to manage its entire selfservice network easily and at little cost, since the software is located centrally on a server. PC/E Self-Service gives the bank a flexible means of offering not only standard functions such as cash dispensing, but also other services such as deposits or prepaid mobile phone topups. The interfaces and processes for the functions can be customized for the specific financial institution in the way they are configured, designed and controlled. The networkcentric architecture means that changes and extensions can be implemented more quickly, especially in a multichannel network.

The new software solution also supports the Crédit Agricole Group's multivendor strategy. As a result, terminals from different vendors can be connected to the central, Webbased server via an xmlbased interface.

Following Caisse d'Epargne, Crédit Agricole is the second large bank in France to decide in favor of the stateoftheart, expandable PC/E Retail Banking Solution Suite platform to operate its selfservice systems.

"Wincor Nixdorf's references in Europe, its detailed knowledge of the French market and its outstanding customer focus were decisive factors in the bank's decision. All of our requirements were met," said Yves Perrachon, in charge of modernizing the electronic payments infrastructure at the Crédit Agricole Group.

As of 2010, the Crédit Agricole Group will control its selfservice delivery channel with PC/E Suite as its standard software solution, and be able to offer consistent services anywhere and in any language. PC/E Self Service also means that new customer services can be developed more quickly and flexibly, since every new software development takes effect throughout the entire network," explains Dominique Wacheux, who is responsible for the project within the Banking Division at Wincor Nixdorf France.

About ProClassic/Enterprise Retail Banking Solution Suite

ProClassic/Enterprise Retail Banking Solution Suite is Wincor Nixdorf's modular software suite and focuses on the sales and service processes operating in the bank front office. Combining software products from the four main areas of Channel Delivery, Security, Management & Optimization, and Banking Business Enabling makes it possible for retail banks to transform their present individual IT architectures and render them futureproof and expandable. The Suite's netcentric concept ensures that new services and functions are quickly implemented and the entire hardware and software landscape managed centrally and made available across all delivery channels. The serviceoriented multichannel concept on which the entire software package is based means that, once implemented, individual functions and services can be reused across all delivery channels.


As a service provider for the banks in the Crédit Agricole Group, CEDICAM controls the internal systems that process cash flows domestically and internationally and manages the platforms that connect them to the clearing and processing systems. In addition, CEDICAM performs electronic payment transaction services for Crédit Agricole's regional banks and personalizes the bank cards issued by the Group's banks. In the area of payment media security, CEDICAM takes a leading position in the battle against fraud in payment transactions, coordinating security measures for the Group banks' online banking and financial services and ensuring the security of Internet transactions. Approximately nine million cards are personalized by CEDICAM annually, and more than five billion transactions processed.

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