Automating deposits with CCDM modules: Argentina's Banco de la Provincia orders 280 ATMs

Paderborn, (PresseBox) - The Argentinian Banco de la Provincia with headquarters in Buenos Aires has commissioned Wincor Nixdorf with delivering 280 ATMs, one hundred of which are to be equipped with cash and check deposit modules (CCDMs). The rollout is planned to start before the end of the year.

Banco de la Provincia, the second largest bank in Argentina with 370 branches and 1,200 ATMs, has had good experiences with Wincor Nixdorf's technology already. It started operating more than 140 Wincor Nixdorf ATMs in 2010, and the systems have been leading the availability ranking of the two Argentinian network operators ever since.

Those new systems that are equipped with cash and check deposit modules can be used by bank customers to deposit banknotes. At the beginning of next year - since that is when the network operator plans to provide the necessary software - the bank will also automate check deposits by migrating them to self-service systems.

Since 2002, Wincor Nixdorf has installed almost 40,000 ATMs featuring a check and banknote deposit function, making it the world market leader for systems that include modules for bulk check and banknote processing.

Wincor Nixdorf's intelligent deposit systems shorten the entire cash and check handling process. Cash and checks are validated using the latest image processing technology. The entire posting process that follows is automated from end to end. There is no need to process checks or cash manually anymore.

In addition to delivering the hardware, Wincor Nixdorf will also provide its security software ProTect/One to ensure that Banco de la Provincia can operate its ATM network securely. This software extends the security mechanisms of Microsoft operating systems and protects the devices from unauthorized access.

This document contains forward-looking statements that are based on current estimates and assumptions made by the management of Wincor Nixdorf AG to the best of its knowledge. Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, the non-occurrence or occurrence of which could cause the actual results - including the financial condition and profitability of Wincor Nixdorf - to differ materially from or be more negative than those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. This also applies to the forward-looking estimates and forecasts derived from third-party studies. Consequently, neither the Company nor its management can give any assurance regarding the future accuracy of the opinions set forth in this document or the actual occurrence of the predicted developments.

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