Precision which Requires No Reflector - wenglor's New Reflex Light Barriers

Tettnang, (PresseBox) - For the first time ever with its P1MM001 reflex light barrier, wenglor sensoric is presenting an optical reflex light barrier which functions without a reflector. By simply pressing a key, it detects any object located between itself and any defined background. It makes use of a unique functional principle to this end, with which it’s even able to detect transparent objects without a reflector. An intelligent function for dynamic readjustment of the switching threshold which offsets external interference factors provides for additional process reliability.

The new reflex light barrier makes it possible to reliably detect objects at considerable distances of up to 500 millimeters without a reflector. The unique functional principle based on an evaluation of signal strength and angle measurement requires nothing more than any available background as a reference, for example the side panel of a conveyor system. “By doing away with reflectors, the reflex light barriers require less space and can be more flexibly integrated into the system layout. And thus they do justice to the trend towards more and more compact machines in the automation sector”, explains wenglor product manager Christoph Lang and adds: “Other positive effects include reduced costs and faster initial start-up, because fewer components have to be installed and serviced.”

Simple Handling, Less Idle Time
In addition to enormous potential savings, the reflex light barrier also offers an intelligent function for dynamic readjustment of the switching threshold. It offsets external influences such as contamination and temperature fluctuation, thus ensuring lastingly precise switching performance and less idle time, because no readjustment is necessary.
User-friendliness is also at the center of attention for the latest generation of reflex light barriers. Visible red light makes the sensors easy to align, and they can be set up for the respective application by simply pressing the teach-in key.    

Unlimited Applications Diversity Thanks to Outstanding Precision
The reflex light barrier’s highly precise measuring process even detects transparent objects made of glass, PET and sheet materials. For example, it can check for the presence of transparent sheet materials and trays in packaging processes and reliably detects all types of objects on conveyor belts. In the beverage industry it monitors the presence of bottles uninterruptedly throughout the entire product lifecycle – beginning with bottle production and filling, right on up to machines for the return of bottles with refundable deposit.

The Highlights at a Glance
•Saves time and money thanks to installation without reflector
• Large range of up to 500 mm
• Dynamic readjustment of the switching threshold
• Visible red light for easy alignment
• Quick and simple setup via teach-in
• Compact housing: 54.5 × 27 × 16 mm
• Can be used in harsh environments thanks to IP67 protection
• Temperature range: -40 to +60° C


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