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New VoiceObjects Analyzer Rated Best Self-Service Analytics Offering

(PresseBox) (Bergisch Gladbach, ) VoiceObjects, leading provider of adaptive self-service phone portals, today announced that a recently released report from industry analyst firm Opus Research, "Analytics and Reporting for Phone-Based Self-Service," showed the new VoiceObjects Analyzer, part of the VoiceObjects 7 suite of software, to best its peers in providing data aggregation and reporting solutions that are compatible with corporate-wide business intelligence and analytics solutions. The company announced the VoiceObjects 7 software suite separately today. More information about VoiceObjects 7 may be found at

VoiceObjects Analyzer is a complete service analysis environment that may be used throughout the enterprise to answer a wide array of questions related to system usage, system and application performance, caller behavior, and recognition success. Examples of these questions include:

-- How many unique callers use the system? How many callers call repeatedly? How often do they call?

-- Do transaction completion rates depend on age, customer status, or other factors? Do different customer groups use the application differently?

-- What is the average/minimum/maximum workload of the servers? Is the load on the cluster evenly balanced?

-- Which prompts lead to an unusually high rate of "No Input" or "No Match" events? How do callers exit the application?

The Opus Research report awarded VoiceObjects Analyzer the highest possible rating in each of four important criteria for voice self-service analysis and reporting: support for IVR systems and underlying databases, real-time logging, flexibility and change management, and out-of-the-box support for popular business intelligence software. An executive summary of the report is available for download at

Key features and benefits of VoiceObjects Analyzer include:

-- Out-of-the-box support for Business Objects XI and MicroStrategy 8 business intelligence software

-- Automatic logging of system usage information in the VoiceObjects Infostore, eliminating time-consuming extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes and eliminating the need to change the logging database schema each time the application changes

-- Forty-eight pre-built reports, providing commonly requested analysis

-- The ability to easily integrate data from CRM databases and CTI, IVR, and custom log files into the VoiceObjects Infostore for analysis using the enterprise´s business intelligence software

-- Full support for the VoiceXML 2.1 specification, including utterance recording for later drill-down analysis

"It is more important than ever before for executives throughout the enterprise to determine how well self-service resources support their overall business objectives," said Dan Miller, senior analyst, Opus Research. "Enterprises require voice self-service analytics systems to aggregate events and logs for efficient use by their existing business intelligence and reporting systems. Because VoiceObjects founders came from MicroStrategy and Business Objects, VoiceObjects Analyzer reflects their solid foundation in providing a comprehensive strategy voice self service analytics and reporting."