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Real-Time Social CRM

How to Leverage Twitter and Facebook to the Max

(PresseBox) (Paris, ) Today over 500 million people use Twitter, each with an average of 208 followers, and they post around 340 million tweets daily. Facebook is even more popular. Some 1.2 billion monthly users support 50 million Facebook pages and generate more than 2.7 billion likes per day. That's a lot of digital word of mouth.

Social media presents an opportunity to learn what satisfies your customers, what upsets them, what they think of your company, and who they consider to be your competitors. Such intelligence will help the marketing team make strategic decisions that drive your business forward. Of course, you need a way to monitor relevant social posts, respond via social media in real time, and route selected conversations to a live agent.

This is the job of your contact center solution. If your current solution isn't social-media and digitally enabled, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to engage customers, empathize with them, and become part of the conversation as you promote your offerings, resolve complaints, and build brand awareness.

The right social CRM solution offers tools for crafting real-time responses, and it will route to live agents just the posts they should respond to. It will enable you to map specific responses, media, and references to tightly defined social campaigns, and to measure, report, and fine-tune the accuracy and value of agent responses in real time. And, since social media interactions are often one-to-many, a little effort goes a long way—if your contact center solution provides the right tools.

On Twitter, the key to selling is to filter vast amounts of information, organize it, and deliver it to an agent in real time who then creates a satisfying customer experience. Say, for example, you want to sell a product to prospects who mention a need in their tweets. Your CRM solution should leverage the power of the Twitter network to locate prospects by searching for hashtags, strings, or people. The solution should help you respond easily on Twitter, in real time, with targeted messages and promotions. It should let you switch the prospect to an agent for personal communication. After the sale, you can encourage the customer to share the deal with his or her followers with a link back to your Web site or agent.

Similarly, a social CRM solution can help turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one by locating a complaint on Twitter and responding with great service and an incentive. The solution can also improve brand awareness by letting you tweet useful information and links that users will retweet to their followers.

Facebook, too, offers enormous business potential. Like all major brands, you need a Facebook page, as well as a Facebook-enabled contact center solution. The strategy is to monitor and respond to posts in real time, transfer sales opportunities to agents who can communicate through the customer's preferred channels, and obtain permission from satisfied customers to connect to their friends. If with a couple of clicks you connect to a customer's friends with a wall post that says "Your friend Tracy just got a great deal with us, click this link to get the same offer," you will realize the multiplier effect of social media.

You need to ensure privacy at certain points in the conversation. The solution lies in a CRM system that enables you to start communicating on a social network and continue on a more personal and private channel. The right system will integrate multiple channels such as voice, SMS, email, video, and Web chat seamlessly, so that the customer journey is fluid, even if it traversed several channels.

Customers have gone from having little voice to having a massive voice on social media. That's why it's crucial to provide real-time customer care via social CRM.


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