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Contribute actively to designing your own dental restorations

New VITA software enables patients to participate in the planning of dental restorations

(PresseBox) (Bad Säckingen, ) Patients who are to receive a dental prosthesis usually have had a long ordeal, and the misgivings with regard to artificial teeth are many and varied: Will the replacement fit properly? How will I look if I laugh with the prosthesis? And will others notice that I am wearing dentures? The task of the dentist / dental technician is to allay these fears, and to give the patient the feeling that the new dentures will not only bring back the functionality, but also restore his/her confidence and quality of life. Yet this is not always easy, as hearing is never so convincing as seeing. With this in mind, VITA Zahnfabrik has developed new software to aid communication between dentist/dental technician and patient. This enables the patient to participate in the planning of the dental restoration, and to see directly on the computer screen how the finished restoration will look. And how does this work? Quite simply: with the aid of the VITA ToothConfigurator.

The core function of this system is a virtual tooth library with the VITA anterior and posterior tooth lines, which can be designed virtually in the VITA Classical and 3D-MASTER shades as well as in two BLEACHED COLORS. With the aid of the software, the dentist / dental technician selects the anterior and posterior teeth set most suited to the individual patient on the basis of a portrait photograph of the patient, and then compiles a realistic computer simulation of the prosthesis. This can be altered and adjusted as needed. The patient therefore has the opportunity to actively contribute to the appearance of his/her prosthesis, and - from the planning stage on - to gain an impression of how the future dental restoration will look. This increases patient satisfaction, and gives the dentist greater planning security. Furthermore, collaboration between dentist and patient helps to ensure an optimum aesthetic solution, and quicker acceptance of the restoration by the patient.

The new software shall be available beginning February 2012 for 299.00 €, and is compatible with all current Microsoft operating systems. Further information is available under:

Vita Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG

Headquartered in Bad Säckingen/Germany, VITA Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG has been developing, producing and marketing innovative solutions for dental prosthetics according to consistently high quality standards for over 85 years, and has been known from the very beginning as a pioneer and worldwide trendsetter. The VITA shade standard, for instance, is recognised internationally in the dental branch as a shade reference system. Users in 120 different countries benefit from the comprehensive range of products and services provided by VITA Zahnfabrik. These include analogue and digital tooth shade determination systems, acrylic and ceramic teeth, veneering and framework materials for conventional and computer-aided manufacturing procedures, dental equipment as well as a wide range of service and training facilities.