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PSI Order for Vistec

Vistec Lithography Inc. has recently received an order from the Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) for a Vistec EBPG5000plus electron beam lithography system

(PresseBox) (Jena, Germany / Watervliet, N.Y., USA / Villigen, Switzerland, ) The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) holds a prominent position within the Swiss research and education environment. As a user laboratory the PSI develops and operates complex research facilities and equipment to serve both the R&D sector and the industry.

The new electron-beam lithography system will be installed at the Laboratory for Micro - and Nanotechnology (LMN) of the Paul Scherer Institute. It is required for the research on the optic, electronic, and magnetic properties of nanostructures. PSI's large-scale experimental facilities and specialized nanofabrication technologies available at LMN offer unique possibilities for these investigations. In addition, advanced nanodevices such as diffractive x-ray optical elements will be fabricated for internal and external customers. "The system will help us to keep track of our challenging research roadmap" says Dr. Christian David, Nanopatterning Group Manager at the LMN.

The EBPG5000plus is in line with other Vistec electron-beam lithography systems already installed at leading edge research institutes worldwide. Based on reliable and well-proven system architecture, the system provides a spot size down to <2.5nm at 100keV beam energy, thus allowing nano-lithography structures smaller than 8nm to be routinely generated. As a result of its high flexibility and easy-to-use software the EBPG5000plus has become the "system of choice" in the research community.

"We are extremely proud to have received this order from the Paul Scherrer Institute, one of the leading European research institutes. This will continue our successful cooperation into the future", says Mike Butler, Product Manager for Gaussian Beam Systems at Vistec Lithography Inc.

Paul Scherrer Institute

The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is a multi-disciplinary research centre for natural sciences and technology. In national and international collaboration with universities, other research institutes and industry, PSI is active in solid state physics, materials sciences, elementary particle physics, life sciences, nuclear and non-nuclear energy research, and energy-related ecology. It is the largest national research institute with about 1,300 members of staff, and is the only one of its kind in Switzerland.

PSI develops and operates complex research installations which call for especially high standards of know-how, experience and professionalism, and is one of the world's leading user laboratories for the national and international scientific community. Through its research, PSI acquires new basic knowledge and actively pursues its application in industry.

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Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology

In 1993 PSI started building up the Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology (LMN) with the goal to do high level scientific research based mainly on the technological capabilities of advanced nanofabrication methods. The main research activities of LMN are:

- Nanoscience and basic research on properties of correlated nanostructures on surfaces.
- Development of new experimental methods, instrumentation and devices, especially for research at large scale facilities. Application-oriented research in nanofabrication and polymer nanotechnology.

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Vistec Electron Beam GmbH

Vistec Semiconductor Systems GmbH is providing key technology used by all leading semiconductor manufacturers and many research institutes around the world. Their innovative product portfolio includes inspection systems, defect detection and classification systems and metrology systems for mask and wafer manufacturing. Their systems are used for microchip and photo mask production as well as for scientific and commercial research. In addition to the production facility in Germany, the company also maintains support centers in the USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea.

Vistec Semiconductor Systems GmbH, Weilburg is part of the Vistec Semiconductor Systems Group which consists of three business units:
- Vistec Semiconductor Systems GmbH located in Weilburg, Germany
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