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Lightning up the dark

With the high-quality RIVA® RTC1130-320 Thermal Camera

(PresseBox) (Hückelhoven, ) Initially developed for military purposes, thermal cameras are being used for many different application areas today. Buildings and boarders can be monitored by thermal cameras, missing people can be found, traffic flows can be analyzed and even animals can be observed by professional documentaries.

Thereby the thermal imaging technologies are always based on the same principal: Invisible thermal energy emitted from a person or an object is transferred into visible images using electrical pulses. Temperature differences captured by those cameras are displayed in different grayscales.

Because thermal energy has a higher wavelength than visible light, thermal cameras providing high quality images in bright sunlight as well as in complete darkness. Furthermore images are not being affected by difficult weather conditions like heavy rain, fog or snow. Therefore 24 hour surveillance is fully guaranteed.

Wide range of lens angles allows to cover long distances and large areas. Thus a huge amount of operating and labor costs can be saved. Thermal cameras also offer further benefits compared to other night vision devises; firstly no light at all is needed to provide a high image quality and secondly also hidden objects or persons become visible. Thus 100 percent surveillance can be guaranteed even in forested areas. Additionally thermal cameras including intelligent video analytics can trigger alarms caused by sudden temperature changes like fire.

The RIVA® RTC1130-320

The RTC1130-320 is one of the world's first thermal imaging IP cameras combining state of the art thermal imaging technology with intelligent video analytics. The high-quality RIVA® thermal camera already includes VCA Presence as well as VCA Detect as a standard feature meaning filters for direction detection, retention period, speed dependent detection and object classification (persons, animals, vehicles). Other VCA-filters for more specific applications can be purchased additionally at low cost. An included weatherproof housing allows optimal indoor and outdoor utilization. Furthermore five different lenses between 7.5 and 50 mm with angles of view between 6.2° and 42° are offered. Available as a box version the RIVA® camera comes with features like dual stream, micro-SD, PoE and a lot more. A frame rate of up to 30 fps with a maximum resolution of 320x240 can be achieved. The RTC1130-320 has a 17μm uncooled microbolometer. Thus the camera is ideally suited for customers who seek to experience ever more accurate video analytics performance combined with the high detection capabilities characteristic of thermal imaging technology.

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