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CANAL+ AFRIQUE standardizes Live Content Delivery Network (LCDN) over the public internet using VideoFlow's Digital Video Protection

CANAL+ AFRIQUE expands its Africa to Europe contribution offering

(PresseBox) (Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel, ) CANAL+ AFRIQUE, one of Europe's most prominent content providers, selected VideoFlow's Digital Video Protection (DVP) to rapidly and inexpensively ensure the transport of high quality, live content from all over Africa to Paris, for distribution throughout Europe. VideoFlow's DVP family of products guarantees the video quality being transported by making sure no packet is lost and jitter is eliminated in real time. In addition to delivering reliable and consistent quality, VideoFlow solutions drastically cut operating costs when compared with CANAL+ AFRIQUE former approach that forced them to use an expensive solution to provide the same high quality.

Orlando Goncalves, CANAL+ AFRIQUE, Technical Manager explained his decision, "We are committed to providing our customers the very best live video and radio experience. For us, it means high quality and low delay. Prior to employing VideoFlow's solution the method available for us to deliver live video and radio channels across Africa to Europe was complicated, inefficient, and came with a very high monthly price tag. This was a significant barrier to our quickly, easily and affordably growing our contribution business in Africa. Euplink, our system integrator, introduced the VideoFlow offering to us. It was a game changer! VideoFlow significantly cut our costs, simplified our operations and secured new business. In a very short period, we have expanded our Africa content contribution business by using simple Internet connections. We found VideoFlow's solution to be very efficient, simple to manage and easy to use - literally 'Plug and Play'. VideoFlow also cut hidden operational network maintenance and support costs by leveraging via their embedded monitoring and statistics tools. We are very happy to see that VideoFlow solution is driving many new contribution opportunities in Africa and look forward to an even greater expansion in the near future."

Mrs Ronit Kalujny, VideoFlow's CEO, added, "We are proud to have CANAL+ AFRIQUE as our customer. CANAL+ AFRIQUE is one of the first tier one content providers to recognize and adopt the VideoFlow concept that turning the Internet into a true, high quality live content delivery network (LCDN) over standard low-cost connection is feasible. Euplink, our partner in France and a CANAL+ AFRIQUE system integrator conducted a detailed and exhaustive certification process ensuring that all the operational and commercial prerequisites required by a premium quality content provider like CANAL+ AFRIQUE was fully met. We envision that as CANAL+ AFRIQUE continues to expand its LCDN services the VideoFlow DVP will play an even greater role in their opening new LCDN market verticals."

VideoFlow technology

Live video broadcast, are sent as a continuous bit stream, which the Internet was never designed to handle, resulting in artefacts caused by jitter, and packet loss. More than a couple of seconds of latency is unacceptable by customers expecting to enjoy the excitement of live events like sport as they happen. VideoFlow's patent pending technology ensures that when delivering content over the internet no packet is lost, and nullifies the jitter caused by transiting the Internet thereby affording broadcasters, teleports and operators the opportunity to use a highly advanced, low cost solution for live, high quality video streams in place of existing, expensive solutions.

The DVP comes as a "Plug and Play" pair - a Protector, which stores the packets until it is certain that they have been correctly received, and a Sentinel which monitors the health of the video stream by watching for packet loss and requests packets to be resent from the Protector's cache only if required. This is ensured by VideoFlow's patents, which cover techniques to minimise the number of packets that have to be resent. VideoFlow's solution is highly flexible working with internet connections as slow as 200Kb/s or as fast as 800Mbps yet delivering the desired high quality. VideoFlow's patents cover techniques that minimise the number of packets that have to be resent and keep any delays at less than the two seconds, which is the maximum tolerated for true live broadcasts. VideoFlow's DVP family of products enables to reduce the bandwidth requirement cutting operational costs compared to the current solutions.

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CANAL+ AFRIQUE is a pay-tv operator in Africa. Present in more than 30 countries in Central and West Africa, CANAL+ AFRIQUE is the operator of LES CHAINES CANAL+ and CANALSAT, a package with more than 130 TV channels and radio stations including a wide variety of national or private African channels.

VideoFlow Ltd

VideoFlow ( is the pioneer of live high quality video (SD, HD and above) over standard internet connections. Its DVP (Digital Video Protection) solutions rapidly pay for themselves by making expensive leased lines redundant for live broadcast. The high quality of the original video input is maintained during its transfer over the internet without artefacts, jitter or latency greater than two seconds. VideoFlow has four key technology patents covering Live Content Delivery Networking (LCDN) with over a dozen patents pending.