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Enabling Smart, Simple Solar

(PresseBox) (Wuerzburg, ) Smart modules are a conduit for solar innovation and development, ushering us into the next generation of solar. By boosting module output, enhancing design flexibility and offering unparalleled transparency into system performance, Upsolar's smart modules are expanding the market for solar power and accelerating project payback times.

Maximize Your Rooftop Potential through Flexible Design

For many home and business owners, the ideal PV system design involves varying module tilts or orientations, which can be a deal-breaker for traditional modules. Smart modules are opening the door for more flexible system configurations-without compromising performance.

By utilizing maximum power point tracking (MPPT), smart modules mitigate mismatch issues to ensure each module is performing to the best of its ability. As a result, smart modules are ideal for rooftops with partial shading from chimneys, trees or other obstructions.

Smart modules also enable expanded string lengths-up to 30 percent longer-to help customers make better use of available space and reduce balance of systems costs. This technology can also easily manage different types of modules on the same string.

For a better idea of smart modules' benefits, just take a look at some of our recent installations from around the world.

Build projects on contoured land

Hilly landscapes, like those in Sharon, Vermont, present considerable challenges for solar integrators. However, with Upsolar's smart modules, developers can design a system that flows with the land's natural contours. Additionally, smart module system owners and operators benefit from real-time monitoring, enabling them to pinpoint and correct issues before they become major problems down the road.

Use in versatile applications

The versatility of smart modules enables Upsolar customers to "go solar" in unconventional environments. Case in point: cantilever units for marina settings. Smart systems also feature built in safety elements like arc fault protection, and even enable remote shutdown to keep first responders safe from electrical shock in the event of a fire.

With all these benefits, and more, smart modules are an ideal solution to meet customers' evolving needs and spur the next wave of solar market growth.

Upsolar Germany GmbH

Upsolar develops and produces high quality solar PV modules at competitive prices, offering a secure long-term investment for customers around the world. Bolstered by a commitment to product R&D and support from its flexible manufacturing platforms, Upsolar ensures top-tier performance and reliability while maintaining an asset light approach to its business. Upsolar is an industry leader in bringing to market smart module technology, optimized by SolarEdge and Tigo Energy. Smart modules maximize power harvest, enhance design flexibility and simplify the installation process to offer customers a lower overall cost of system ownership. All Upsolar products are backed by industry-leading product and performance guarantees to ensure superior performance over the lifetime of each system. Upsolar also champions environmental sustainability through key sponsorships and environmental initiatives. To learn more about Upsolar, its products or its sustainability efforts, please visit