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ICOP Application for Live Streaming Patent Allowed

(PresseBox) (Lenexa, KS, ) ICOP Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:ICOP), an industryleading company engaged in advancing digital surveillance technology solutions, today announced that a patent application for video streaming was allowed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Company was notified by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office that the Patent Application 11/558,821 is officially allowed, and is entitled "SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COLLABORATING EMERGENCY RESPONSE EFFORTS THROUGH MULTIMEDIA DATA DISSEMINATION."

Specifically, the allowed patent application is directed to an apparatus for sharing and communication of video and other surveillance related multimedia data by live streaming of video and other data from an emergency response unit to a variety of devices and other emergency response units. Multimedia data is wirelessly disseminated from a first response patrol car, or similar emergency response unit, to any number of playback devices on a digital network.

ICOP LIVE(TM), developed by ICOP Digital, Inc., has implemented this system and method. The leader of the development team, and the inventor of the technology covered by this patent application, was David H. Nicholl, Director of Research & Product Development for ICOP.

"Live streaming video is becoming integral to incar video solutions in optimizing the outcome of a crisis," said David Owen, Chairman and CEO for ICOP. "In light of the importance of this technology to the field of multimedia data dissemination in general, and the area of surveillance in particular, we are confident that this will be a key component of many incar solutions going forward and we are pleased to have several active trials of ICOP LIVE across America, and abroad."

The ICOP LIVE functionality is an indispensable tool for agencies to use for situational awareness, tactical oversight, and interagency interoperability. Agencies will be able to more effectively assess a situation remotely, and take appropriate action including deploying proper resources for the incident. Senior command will also be able to provide tactical oversight of events sooner, both remotely and while en route, with the addition of ICOP LIVE on scene video and audio. When a major event occurs, such as a traffic accident involving a chemical spill, the police agency can provide the ICOP LIVE video stream to all other agencies involved enabling a faster and safer resolution to the crisis.

Also, ICOP LIVE helps enforce one of ICOP's core foundations of improving officer safety. When video is streamed back to headquarters with ICOP LIVE, the officers involved in the event are safer because they do not have the distraction of providing detailed audio narratives back to headquarters and can concentrate all of their efforts in accomplishing their mission at hand.

About ICOP Digital, Inc.

ICOP Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ:ICOP - News) is a leading provider of incar video and mobile video solutions for Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Military, and Transportation markets, worldwide. ICOP solutions help the public and private sectors mitigate risks, reduce losses, and improve security through the live streaming, capture and secure management of high quality video and audio.