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US Trial Shows 40% Plus Increase in Cell Capacity with Ubidyne Active Antennas

World's First Active Antenna Solution for 700 MHz 4G Exceeds Expectations in North American Multi-site Trial and Questions the Need to Invest in Small Cells

(PresseBox) (Ulm, ) Ubidyne, the leader in Antenna Embedded Radio(TM) technology for the wireless industry, today announced results of the first real network trial for its LTE 700MHz active antenna solution in North America, working with one of the leading US mobile operators. Exceeding Ubidyne's own predictions, the flexible beam forming and tilting capabilities of its uB700 Antenna Embedded Radio delivered double throughput at the cell edge and an increase of over 40% cell capacity with comparable output power.

"The trial shows that active antennas can significantly increase cell capacity using vertical sectorization and double the uplink throughput at the cell edge as well as increase the coverage area with independent uplink and downlink tilting," says Michael Fränkle, CEO of Ubidyne. "This successful independent verification shows that operators can now get maximum coverage and capacity from their macrocells using active antenna technology before investing in costly small cells."

Ubidyne's uB700 Antenna Embedded Radio also exceeded expectations during installation with minimum training required, no cranes or other heavy equipment needed for tower installation, far less cabling work and no mechanical tilt gear, the Active Antennas were rolled out quickly and efficiently.

Ubidyne's patented Self-Healing feature also demonstrated the tremendous OPEX savings for operators available due to the reduced amount of site visits required. "The Self-Healing mechanism in the antenna secures coverage even in the unlikely event of a system failure. As a result, end users will have a continuous service and operators will save OPEX," said Fränkle. "Ubidyne's Active Antenna System has the potential to dramatically change the radio architecture and operations of mobile communications, providing a positive impact on both mobile network operators and mobile consumers' experience across the globe."

The results of the trial show practically that the benefits, simulated and predicted by Ubidyne before live trials, are confirmed by drive test in a live environment. "The Active Antenna market is just in the early stages and Ubidyne is at the forefront of this trend with their Antenna Embedded radio solutions. Ubidyne's technology offers great efficiency and versatility and delivers tremendous benefits for network operators addressing exploding demand in wireless data traffic," stated Earl J. Lum, President at EJL Wireless Research LLC.

Commercial deployments of the uB700 Antenna Embedded Radio are expected to begin during the first half of 2012.