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Bulgaria Embraces Benefits of Toray's Waterless Printing

(PresseBox) (Neu-Isenburg, Germany, ) Toray and Dominov Konsumativ have marked the first few successful months of their proactive partnership with the news that a number of printing houses are engaged in advanced discussions on how to adopt waterless printing.

The forward-thinking printers are ambitious to embrace new ways of providing high quality print, and, at the same time, grow their market share through stronger sustainability credentials.

"We were delighted to see how open-minded printers are to the technology," says Kristian Ekvall, technical consultant of Toray. "We observed a high level of interest in the print quality achievable by the very sustainable waterless printing process. It is clear the companies are keen to see how they can maximise the business winning combination of high quality and sustainable print offered by waterless."

Waterless Provides Winning Combination of benefits

Toray and Dominov have been promoting the benefits of waterless such as consistent high quality, reduced workload, reduced dot gain and improved productivity.

The ink is contained in a recessed deep-etch like structure in the dry, silicone rubber surface of the waterless printing plate. The absence of water produces a sharper, more consistent and brilliant image with much less dot gain providing a more accurate reproduction of the proof.

Since waterless printing eliminates all operations related to the press dampening system it reduces make ready and improves productivity.

Simplified Colour Matching

Toray visited printing houses specialising in the production of PVC and PE cards which were looking to improve print stability. Waterless is ideally suited to these substrates as, unlike conventional printing, there is no need to control the balance between ink and water. Colour matching is simplified as density changes are minimized and the printing quality remains stable throughout the job.

Successful trials on paper and PVC have been completed on a Heidelberg SpeedMaster 74 while trials on additional press types will be conducted in the coming months.

Improved competitiveness

Other printing houses aiming to broaden their range of high quality products on a variety of substrates that are impossible or difficult to print with conventional offset such as plastics, foils and laminated boards, have also been researching the benefits of innovative technologies such as Toray's Waterless Offset. They have identified opportunities to differentiate themselves from others and ways to become trend setters in the packaging and security printing, as well.

Ekvall comments: "All the printers we have spoken to have been very keen to understand how waterless can improve their competitiveness and we are looking forward to helping them fulfil their expectations.

Toray and Dominov educate the market

"Thanks to Dominov's market knowledge we were able to define the target, develop a strategy and apply it to the Bulgarian market."

The partnership with Dominov and their remarkable engagement in promotion of waterless printing in Bulgaria helps raise awareness of the technology. "We think the Bulgarian market is very interesting judging by the positive reactions we have experienced during the printing demonstrations we have done so far", says Mr.Ekvall. "A lot of the printers we have met are very interested in increasing their productivity and promoting the environmental aspects of the technology.

We believe waterless technology has a promising future here."

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