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Touch the Future!

TOPTICA at BiOS/Photonics West 2014

(PresseBox) (Gräfelfing, ) TOPTICA presents the largest selection of diode and ultrafast fiber lasers at the upcoming Photonics West 2014 show in San Francisco showcasing selected applications from three major markets: Test & Measurement, Quantum Optics & Spectroscopy and Biophotonics & Microscopy. Thomas Renner, EVP Sales & Marketing cordially invites all visitors: "Be sure to visit our booth and take a look at our live systems! Especially take the chance to touch the DLC pro - the future of tunable laser control."

Touch the Future!
The New Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

With the new DLC pro, high-end laser control now enters the digital world! The digital laser controller for TOPTICA's tunable diode laser DL pro sets new benchmarks with regard to low noise and low drift levels. It provides intuitive touch control and powerful remote operation to run and frequency-stabilize the DL pro. At the same time, it renders the laser even more stable, and lowers its spectral linewidth down to 10 kHz. For active frequency stabilization, the DLC pro readily provides two PID regulators and a lock-in control.

Never before was the use of tunable diode lasers so convenient! Experiments requiring a narrow linewidth (e.g. optical clocks or quantum computers with cold atoms and ions) as well as applications calling for remote laser control will highly benefit from the DLC pro. All other users will appreciate its intuitive and convenient operation.

Designed in collaboration with Professor Robert Boyd (University of Rochester/University of Ottawa), the "slow light" experiment demonstrates the interplay between the new DLC pro laser controller and the DL pro.

This setup allows you to literally control the speed of light - with your finger tip!

Take Two!
The New FemtoFiber dichro for Multi-Photon Applications

At the show, TOPTICA will display the prototype of a new ultrafast fiber laser platform: the FemtoFiber dichro. It complements the successful ultrafast fiber laser series FemtoFiber pro and FemtoFiber smart. The first model of the new platform will provide femtosecond pulses at 780 nm and 1030 nm for multi-photon applications. Both wavelengths are emitted from same aperture (spatial overlap). An integrated high-precision delay line allows adjusting the timing of the two outputs and to obtain a perfect temporal overlap of the laser pulses at the sample.

Like all other fiber lasers from TOPTICA, the new FemtoFiber dichro series employs SAM (saturable absorber mirror)-technology and polarization-maintaining fibers, both of which ensure extraordinary robustness and reliability.

More Colors!
Frequency-Converted Diode Lasers with New TAs

Newly developed tapered semiconductor amplifiers further expand the color spectrum of TOPTICA's high-power, narrow-band TA-SHG pro diode laser system. These tapered amplifiers provide tunable, narrowlinewidth laser radiation around 556 nm (600 mW) and 606 nm(800 mW). These systems are a perfect match for laser cooling of ytterbium and for spectroscopy of rare earth elements in solids, respectively. The TA-SHG pro generates these wavelengths with specially designed tapered amplifiers (TAs) exclusively available from TOPTICA. With these TAs, it is now possible to generate high output powers with a cost-effective laser system that is less complex than the fiber amplifiers employed up until now. The TA-SHG pro also outperforms Raman-fiber systems with respect to tuning range (as wide as several nm) and narrow linewidths (well below 100 kHz). With these new wavelengths, TOPTICA continues the success story of its TA-SHG pro systems with custom-designed amplifier chips. Important applications of the new systems include laser cooling of Er, Na, Mg, Be or Dy, optical clocks based on Yb or Mg ions, and also highresolution spectroscopy (e.g. of europium yttrium orthosilicate).

All visitors should stop by our booth to see the stability and reliability of this technique. A live TA-SHG pro system at 626 nm featuring an output power of 800 mW will be on display.

More Power!
iChrome MLE HP for Microscopy

Microscopes or flow cytometers require multiple laser wavelengths out of one package. TOPTICA's exceptional iChrome MLE provides a perfect solution: up to four cw or pulsed laser beams (e.g. 405, 488, 561, 640 nm) combined into one single-mode fiber - all integrated in one compact box. At Photonics West 2014, TOPTICA presents new models with an output power up to 100 mW even at 532 and 561 nm. The unique COOLAC beam combination technology guarantees perfect optomechanical stability, removing the need for any manual alignment. Thanks to the COOLAC auto-calibration feature, the iChrome MLE does not require a complicated installation: with just a push of a button, the laser is ready for operation. The user-friendly and flexible interface provides direct modulation up to 20 MHz, and instantly achieves power levels between μW and mW.

Individual wavelengths are also available in a compact all-in-one device: the iBeam smart. Up to 300 mW and direct modulation up to 250 MHz are two of its unique features, appreciated by thousands of customers worldwide.

See through Walls!
Lasers and Platforms for Terahertz Generation

Terahertz radiation has spectacular properties. It is able to pass through a variety of materials that are opaque to visible light. Many gases and organic solids feature characteristic absorption lines, socalled "fingerprints", at terahertz frequencies. TOPTICA provides solutions for the two most important optoelectronic generation approaches: pulsed and continuous-wave (cw) terahertz techniques. Available product packages range from cutting-edge laser solutions to complete spectroscopy platforms.

The TeraScan systems are "TopSeller" configurations for cwterahertz spectroscopy based on tunable DFB diode lasers. The TeraScan 780 employs GaAs photomixers and offers an outstanding bandwidth and high dynamic range. The TeraScan 1550 is based on InGaAs emitters and receivers, and provides the most compact solution for cw-THz spectroscopy. Latest advances in InGaAs antenna design have boosted the performance of the TeraScan 1550 by 20 dB resulting in a dynamic range of more than 80 dB. The TeraFlash is a table-top platform for pulsed terahertz spectroscopy. It uses mature 1.5 μm telecom technology with the core components: a compact femtosecond fiber laser (FemtoFErb, 1550 nm, 100 fs, 100 mW, 100 MHz), a highly precise delay stage and state-of-the-art InGaAs terahertz antennas. With a bandwidth of 4.5 THz, this platform covers the relevant frequency range of many chemical substances (e.g., biomolecules, explosives and narcotics). Furthermore, the TeraFlash provides a peak dynamic range of more than 70 dB - an industry-breaking record in sensitivity. The fibercoupled antenna modules can be flexibly arranged both in transmission and reflection geometry.

Come and Touch the Future at the TOPTICA booth (8)723, at the upcoming BiOS / Photonics West show (Feb 1st - 6th, 2014) in San Francisco, CA.

TOPTICA Photonics AG

TOPTICA Photonics AG develops, manufactures, services and distributes technology-leading diode and fiber lasers and laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. Sales and service are offered worldwide through TOPTICA Germany and its subsidiary TOPTICA USA, as well as all through 14 distributors. A key point of the company philosophy is the close cooperation between development and research to meet our customers' demanding requirements for sophisticated customized system solutions and their subsequent commercialization.