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Healthcare Information Management without Borders - through Interoperability

Invitation from TianiSPIRIT Global User Group: Workshop "Intercontinental experience exchange meetings at the executive level" in Stuttgart/Germany and Global Summit in Vienna/Austria

(PresseBox) (Grevenbroich/Germany, ) Enabling the exchange of information in healthcare, based on standards – this is the aim of TianiSPIRIT GmbH. The User Group of the Austrian-based software specialist, founded 8 March 2011, organizes the exchange of expertise and experiences in this field at an international level. From 1 to 7 May 2012, TianiSPIRIT Global User Group (TGUG) e. V. invites members and anybody interested in these activities to participate in two top-notch events in Germany and Austria.

Exchanging experiences and communicating expertise to enhance daily routine; an internal update on the activities of the user group, and networking – these elements are pivotal to the "Intercontinental Executive Exchange Workshop" and the "Global Summit" of TGUG in 2012.

Two distinct approaches in proliferating know-how provide the basis for the two event formats. The „Global Summit“ and "Intercontinental Executive Exchange Workshop" target, on the one hand, the top and middle management of hospitals, physicians networks, payors, and healthcare policymakers in countries and regions that use the TianiSPIRIT EHR (Electronic Health Record). On the other hand, top and middle management is addressed by the TianiSPIRIT consultancy, implementation, service, and data center partners. It is the core aim to present how HIE can be realized with optimum support for critical enterprise processes and at minimum cost.

Approaches for the two event elements

The Global Summit takes a broad view, offering a perfect platform for all those who wish to get a grasp of which hospital, region, etc. draws which benefits for the hospital enterprise, region, etc. from the use of TianiSPIRIT solutions, which future steps are planned, and when they will be realized.

The Intercontinental Executive Exchange, with its workshop format, takes an in-depth look: it addresses the top and middle management of hospitals, physicians networks, payors, and healthcare policymakers in countries and regions with the clear focus on establishing an international exchange of experiences regarding critical enterprise processes and structures among customers of the TianiSPIRIT EHR.

In sessions on the activities of the User Group, not open to the public, the Members of the inner circle of the Board present their reports: TGUG President Gerhard Härdter, Executive Vice President Dr. Pierre-Michael Meier, and Treasurer Martin Tiani will be the presenters. – The sessions open to the public include presentations from members of the extended TGUG Board and from the User Forums Marketing and Public Relations, Scholarships, Seminars, Trainings and Workshops, Social Media, and Software Development. Among speakers, Hemanshu Doshi will outline strategies and potentials for realization in the area of Marketing and Public Relations.

Core Topics

The Global Summit will cover, based on the example of South Africa, Electronic Health Records for national states as well as for federal states and provinces, illustrated by Lower and Upper Austria, North and South Carolina, and the Province of Gauteng. Patient records to be used by individual hospitals as well as groups of care providers will be demonstrated by the implementation at the multi-site hospital Klinikum Stuttgart. Electronic patient records for use through HIS vendors are illustrated by the portfolio of the worldwide leading HIS manufacturer MedItec.

Keynotes from well-known experts

In all these sessions, keynote speakers with an international reputation ensure rich content and dynamic discussions. Expert panels, reports on the HIE initiatives of the European Union and in the U.S., an “Arena of Permanent LiveViews” of projects which have been realized, as well as a session by TianiSPIRIT consultancy, implementation, service, and data center partners round off this attractive program.

“The spirit of the ‘Global Summit’ – with its broad approach – is to enable the reciprocal exchange of information and the development of solution ideas for the attendees’ hospitals and for everyday routine”, explains Gerhard Härdter, Head, Servicecenter IT, Klinikum Stuttgart and President, TGUG. “We look forward to meeting with a multitude of representatives from the top and middle management of hospitals, physicians networks, and healthcare policymakers in countries and regions that use the TianiSPIRIT EHR; from payors, TianiSPIRIT itself, and partners of the company. In this exclusive circle of managers and experts, we aim at developing proposals to optimize the portfolio of TianiSPIRIT from which the entire community of users will benefit. Our goal is to exert positive influence, based on international experiences and requirements with a partnership approach“, says Härdter.

“The ‘Intercontinental Executive Exchange Workshop’ addresses the managers and users in hospitals, physicians networks, and healthcare policymakers in countries and regions”, adds Dr. Pierre-Michael Meier, Executive Vice President, TGUG. “In addition, the Heads of the User Forums will sit down together, at the Global Summit, with the attendees, and will organize and schedule workshops in these areas. Based on this platform, users and partners of TianiSPIRIT can now table their relevant contributions and questions regarding experiences and potential solutions – also for their own benefit – with the aim of achieving pragmatic solutions fit to be realized in the products.“

“The personal feedback of our customers and partners is a most valuable contribution to the further development of our dynamic software company, and key to sustainable success”, underlines Martin Tiani, CEO, TianiSPIRIT. “I very much welcome TGUG e.V. making available, with the Global Summit and in-depth workshops, such as the Intercontinental Executive Exchange Workshop, the perfect platforms and formats for personal information exchange, and for the evaluation of products and services.”

Dates/Locations of upcoming TGUG events

May 1-4, 2012 Stuttgart/Germany: Klinikum Stuttgart
May 4-6 Trip to Vienna-Baden/Austria
May 7 Vienna-Baden/Austria

Selected Speakers

Dr. H. Eder, Hospital Wels / Grieskirchen, MCIO
G. Härdter, Klinikum Stuttgart, CIO
S. James, University Health Care System, North Carolina, CIO
F. Linden, epSOS, Project Coordinator
H. März, März, CEO
H. Marcusi, Republic of South Africa, Department of Health
Dr. P.-M. Meier, TGUG e.V., Executive Vice President / COO
L. Otootle, MedItec, VP Business Development
A. Schanner, Niederösterreichische Kliniken AG, IT and Process Management
Dr. R.-M. Schmitz, Klinikum Stuttgart, CEO
H. Smidek, AME International, CEO
H. Stöger, x-tention, CEO
R. Stroobosscher, karoshealth, CEO
N.N., PPCP, Chairman of the Board
N.N., Schwedish Amerian Hospital, CEO
P. Wasson, Tri-Rivers Partners, CIO
C. Williams, EHN, CEO